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October 5,
    Hi every one! How are you? I Got to CCMC Friday evening after having our dog CO-CO blessed at church.
This afternoon I am teaching Laura card tricks. Later Mom will try to rent a Video while I stay with Laura. The baby Hunter went home this past week after 5 months- I miss seeing him so much!  Karlee-Ann went home from her chemo before I got here too! Karlee-Ann made me a cute magnet.
School is going well. I got an A+ on my book report.
See you all soon. Those that attended Avon Day -I hope you had fun!
Take care.
Love always,

August 26,
     Hi everybody. School starts soon- I cannot wait. My new teacher is Mr. Butwill. I hope every one is having a good summer vacation. I enjoyed the Avon town camp this summer. I have been helping my sister and Mom at the hospital. The three of us get to sleep in the hospital room... I have also made some friends here- some are patients and some are family of patients.
The staff has been very nice to me too!
I hope to see you all soon. I will let you know how things go, while we prepare to try to go to bone marrow transplant.

August 4,
    Hi every one-sorry it has been a while since I have written in my journal to you. During the week I go to the rec. camp and on weekends I am at the hospital with Mom and Laura. I have been decorating Laura's room at the hospital with some arts and crafts.
Laura has been doing a little bit better. I have been trying to help my Mom and my sister with things.
I hope that every one is having a good summer and enjoys the weather!
Love always,

May 12,
     Hi everyone! Hope it was a nice Mother's Day for all. The Miller family invited me to sleep at their home Sat. We went to see Spider Man -it was awesome-we prepared a Mother's Day meal and brought it to the hospital. We brought gifts too. I made a few friends at the hospital. Last week I had a blood test done with my Mom for bone marrow match. We will know this week. I have been mostly staying at the O'Connor house. They have been so so so so nice to me! Some nights I even sleep at the hospital. The staff here are very nice to me too!
Sat I had a soccer game -- in the beginning I played defense and then midfield for most of the game.
I will try to keep updated...

March 20,
    It's snowing outside! It is the first day of spring BUT it doesn't look like it! The concert for Laura was great. Mrs Boychuck organized the bake sale. Some people donated money. I thought the songs were sung beautifully. Laura did a wonderful job on her song. Nikki's Mom and Dad were there. The people who played the instruments were very good. I went to my friends house today, it was really fun. In school we will be starting an art report. It was really fun to see myself on TV! The Passion Play will be really fun. I'm one of the singers and am in the crowd. My Mom helped paint some of the scenery. Tickets can be purchased at St Anns. The olay is March 23 Sat 7:30. Well I have to go. See you all soon.

January 19 
Hi Everyone,
How are you all doing? While Laura was having her surgery I slept at the O'Connor's house. It was a lot of fun. Aunt Phyllis Kayan picked me up both days after school - lots of people are always there for me. It was fun to see it snow. My friend Erin and I went out and played in it. We even used snow-dye! Have any of you gone out in the snow lately? Coco is so cute in the snow - you should see her out there. The Boychuks help by clearing paths out side. At school I did something for Laura but I won't tell her what it is. For those of you who have off Monday - I hope it's fun.

November 25
Hi Everybody!
    I hope you all had a great Thanks Giving. I did in NJ with my family.
We also got to see the Harry Potter Movie and a George Washington house in Morristown. Have any of you seen either of these?
In school we made a Turkey out of pine cones and pipe cleaners. We also wrote Turkey stories and did fun activities about Turkey!
Laura is doing well. However, she does have a head cold.
At my school, my grade is doing a musical on Luis and Clark. In it I am one of the dancers who is a dog. I am wearing a brown sweat suit with great ears, tail and a nose piece. I am in the school band. I am playing the flute.
I have already composed a piece of music for the flute. I am auditioning the piece so that I might be able to be in the Spring concert. Only 3 flutes are chosen -- so the competition is tough! Since I was little I wanted to be in Jazz band but the flute is not part of Jazz! So, I am also auditioning for a singing part. This will be tough too! But I will try my best!
I hope all of you stay well. Keep your prayers for us.
Well, I have to jet!!!

September 9
How's everyone doing? I'm doing fine. I heard the car wash was GREAT  Sorry I couldn't be there. Laura was having heavy chemo. She had to be admitted for 4 days. I was able to sleep with Mom and Laura in the hospital room on Friday and Saturday.

My teacher, from last year, Mrs. Marzano, has been real nice to me. We've been e-mailing each other. My new teacher Mrs. Dully is great. I know she'll prepare me perfectly.  

The start of school I was able to ring the large bell in the court yard. Mr. Nolan, my principal gave me that special honor!
Pleases keep Laura in your prayers!

July 31, 2001
    Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't written in my journal that much. I'm really busy with camp and my sister. I'm trying to be as nice as I can be to Laura. Thursday night I slept at my neighbor's house. They have treated our family like an extended family. Friday and Saturday I slept at Aunt Linda's house it was great because we saw a movie and went to the ocean! I slept at my neighbors house on Sunday. :)A lot of people have said I've been great through all of this.g2g (g2g=got to go).
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PRAYING FOR LAURA AND OUR FAMILY! Please continue praying! I'll try to write some more! :)

                             Joelle=AMERICA'S SWEETHEART:) (heh-heh)

Hi Everyone!
I hope you enjoy the pictures from the Pine Grove Leukemia fair. It was nice of Mr. Gillis to take them of us! Mrs. Nation came also, to help. At one of the booths, it was hockey. I want to thank everyone who came to the fun fair. But, I especially want to thank the people who worked at the hockey booth.
I told the people that I had a web site because my sister has lymphoma and that pictures were going to be taken for it. The girl that worked at that booth said I could come to that booth for free. I even won the hockey challenge!  The girl gave me six candies and a toy, for winning. At school my grade did a musical! My Mom missed my concert. I understand, because she was with Laura. My teacher took me and my friend out for ice cream after the play. My teacher has been wonderful to me. All my teachers have been great to me! I've slept at my house only four times since May. I get home sick a lot. I get sensitive a lot .
I hope my classmates can understand.
It feels great to be with Mom and Laura tonight.-GOODBYE FOR NOW!

Laura had a transfusion last Thursday. However this past 3:00am I had to wake up. SHE HAD A FEVER!!    
Uncle Peter came and stayed with me while Mom went to the hospital with Laura.. I had a bad stomach ache that night - The next morning Aunt Phyllis picked me up!
Last night my old babysitter-and family person to me - brought me to the hospital so I could be with  Laura and Mom. Today Mrs. Nation surprised me and picked me up at school and took me to the hospital to visit.
Mrs. Falsey is picking me up tonight to visit them.
Have a good day!   

 5/17/01 - Thank you for your support keep praying and keep us in your hearts. June 6th our class and school are having a fair, we will be having a booth for Laura - there will be games and prizes and the money will be donated for Laura's
help. The other day we went to the ER at 4:30 am- my mom was very proud of me
for getting up so early so quickly. We even went out for breakfast afterwards!
Thank you again. Joelle

5/16/00 Joelle gets her own web site.