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Hartford Courant Editorial

Priests Who Do Good Work

Over the past several months, the Roman Catholic Church has received a great deal of negative publicity because of some priests abusing children. This is a terrible thing, yet what the news media have done is make it appear as though the church as a whole is at fault. The reason this is so widely publicized is that the accused are clergy. They are only a few, compared with how many priests there are.

On May 5, I was to receive the sacrament of confirmation with the rest of my class at St. Ann's Church in Avon. Instead, I was hospitalized at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford, and I wasn't sure when I'd be confirmed.

Prior to this admission, I was in remission for lymphoma. Unfortunately, I have now been diagnosed with leukemia. However, through the efforts of the Rev. Victor Guerrera and the support of the Rev. Thomas McCarthy (respectively, parochial vicar and pastor at my parish), Bishop Christie Macaluso visited me at the hospital and performed the sacrament in my room on the same day as my classmates. Without their dedication and devotion to the people of God, I am not sure when this very important event in my life would have occurred.

Please, let us look at the good in the church and see that it is still very much alive and well.

- Laura Santiago, Avon