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To Laura:
MISSION.  When most people hear that word they think of a secret agent.  But they are wrong.  Mission means Laura.  Laura had a mission from God in her life.  In fact, I have been told when Laura was born; it was on a cold October 20th day.  My grandma went to our house and found a full-bloomed flower.  We put it in our Bible.  Laura had a mission no one else had.
When I look at pictures of Laura I notice how she's touching me, looking at me, or sitting next to me. From the day I was born to the day of her death, we were always sitting next to each other.  Laura loved me so much.  Everyone says they have never met such a loving, fun and mature girl.
Some sisters aren't able to grow as close to their sister as Laura and I am.  I would smile every time Laura would say, "I'll always be with you", or "I love you".  Every time I would cry Laura would hold me tight and say "Oh, baby come here."  I always felt a sense of security around Laura.  I still do.
In my heart I know Laura is a saint.  She is my best friend, sister, and hero.  I love Laura so much.  That is why I wrote a poem on Christmas about my love to Laura.  Please let me share this poem with you today.  This poem is called..
The sound of peace and joy
never came till one was born.
The smell of flowers and sugar,
never came till one was born.
When was born
the heavens opened.
When one was born
hatred ended.
When one was born
innocent were defended.
When one was born
others learned to play.
When was born
others learned to pray.
The one that was born taught to love.
Laura, the one that was born.

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