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Hey Joelle,
I just read you're mothers message posted a few days ago. Because our two families are so close, I want to officially dub you and your mother into the Irish clan... (with all of the Irish in our family, there's plenty to go around.)
Now that you're part Irish (from us of course :) I just wanted to wish you the Happiest of St. Patrick's Days. :)
Hope to talk to you soon.


Happy Birthday Joelle, an Irishwoman at heart

An Irish Wish for your Birthday 

Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers—
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours—
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!


May the blessing of the rain be on you—
the soft sweet rain.
May it fall upon your spirit
so that all the little flowers may spring up,
and shed their sweetness on the air.

May the blessing of the great rains be on you,
may they beat upon your spirit
and wash it fair and clean,
and leave there many a shining pool
where the blue of heaven shines,
and sometimes a star.

May the roads rise to meet you.
May the wind be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
The rain fall soft upon your fields
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

All our love,
Karen, Dmitri & Odin


I haven't seen you in a while, but I hope you had a nice time on your vacation in Mexico. I'm so jealous! It was probably nice to go some place warm (not to mention get a tan) because it was so cold and snowy in here during that week. I hope you had a good time and I'm sure you're having a lot of fun in school and getting tons of homework - what fun! Hope to see you soon!


Hey birthday girl,
                    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear joelle, Happy birthday to youuuu!  Hope you have a great birthday, I'll see you soon. :)
                                         Luv always,
                                                Erin B.

I just saw the note on your mom's page that you just had a birthday. I'm a friend of Donna Squillaro's and I want to wish you a year filled with joy and hope and fun.
Debbie R


Hey Joelle!  I was just looking at the webpage and thought I'd drop you a note.  I hope school is going well.  We have exams right now (i have a lot of studying, but I've been putting it off) so we've had half days.  Congratulations on making the choir!  I knew you'd do a good job. I hope you make all of your early morning rehearsals :-) !!!  You'll have a lot of fun learning new songs and getting to sing in such a special group.  Whenever I go bye your house I smile say a little hello to all the Santiago's.  Email or call me whenever you want to!! 
C ya ~ Torie Eells

Dear Joelle,
      When I think of Laura and Nikki all I can feel is the sunshine that they radiated, and although my sadness and grief over their illness and death is too great for words, they leave me with warmth and love!  I am so very glad for your friendship, we are a special family now....
      When you have time, we will go out for our movie and a nice dinner:).  There's no rush, as I said to your mom, we will get together when the time is right!!  
      I love you!  Ant Gail:)

Hi Joelle,
      Thank you for sharing your most special  moments with us.  You, Laura and your mom have done an amazing job, keeping your friends updated throughout this time in your lives, and you are helping us, all of your friends who really love you, as your family is always thinking of others.  I know that if Laura and Nikki had never had cancer, that we would not have met, but since we had no choice about that, and cannot change anything, I need to be happy that they are angels together for now, and that we have each other for friends.  You can call me anytime, when its ok with your mom.  I know you have a lot of things to sort out and that you and your mom will both need your space for awhile, but when you need me, I will be here.          
      Love,   Aunt Gail


Dear Joanne and Joelle.
how wonderful that the value of a life is not measured by the length of days but by the love that it brings into the world.
In Laura's 15 years she accomplished more that most people could accomplish in many lifetimes. And you both were her team...enabling her at every turn to keep working on what she wanted most to do....to spread that amazing love that she held in her heart out into the world.
At this time of Epiphany, we think so much about those who followed the Star.  It  seemed that that was Laura's mission....she saw the brightness of the Star and knew that it would lead her to the source of all Love.
How fitting then, that her journey would end at this time...as if she was walking all the way with the Wise Men...and now beholds the tender Child....the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace.  How joyful to think of how He  now holds her so close...where no harm or pain can ever again touch her.
Joelle, when I was almost 10 years old I lost my 15 year old brother....he was my hero, my friend, my protector.  He was such a bright light in my life. He died very suddenly in an accident. We didn't even have a warning that his life might end. It was so hard.  I wanted him back so badly. After many tears and some time of healing I realized that God  did let him stay very close to me.  I used to pray to him to help me...I still do....and he takes my prayers to God and they are always answered in the way that God knows is best for me. Because I understand your pain I want you to know how very much I will be praying for you .  You are a very special sister....the very, very best.  Laura will always be close to you and remember how good you have been to her...and now she will be there to help you. To be close to her, always stay close to God...because she is probably sitting right on His lap.  She'll say...Look, Loving Father, there's Joelle, and she needs our help.  Let's GO!!
Joanne and Joelle....may God impart our feelings of sorrow to you at this time...there are not words to express that.  May the countless prayers that rise to heaven carry you to a place of peace and comfort and healing.
 .                                            Sincerely.
                                         Irene and Paul Muhs
                                         (the Bangs connection)  

Joelle: Hi Sweetie.  I was wondering if you would not mind sharing your beautiful poem which you read in church on Wednesday with the world, and post it on the website.  It was so incredible as well as strong of you that I thought perhaps, you would like to indulge everyone else with your heartfelt thoughts.  I hope you are okay.  I am thinking of you and Mommy always.  I miss you guys.  I do believe the saying that certain friends are the family you are able to pick.  I am so glad I have you and Mom in my life.  I love you both.  I pray to Laura to watch over you, although we know, she already is. 

When you are ready, I would like to help with the "pennies from heaven" project.  Do you remember Alexa's friend Amanda from New Jersey?  She would like to start the movement in the southern New Jersey area.  She and her Mom are very artistic and can share some great ideas.  Joelle, she also may be a source of comfort for you, having lost her Dad six years ago in an auto accident.  She understands the loss you feel.  Let me know your feelings on this.  I love you, Aunt Donna xxxooo PS Thanks for persuading me to see the movie with you all.  Alexa and I really enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Hi Kiddo, you have had a pretty tough ride here.  Please knonw I am thinking of you and your mom and hoping that you are able to get through this extremely difficult time.  You are an awesome sister and I know Laura loved you very much.  Please keep yourself safe and please know you are being thought of.  Much love and deep sympathy, the crazy tutor

Hi Joelle. This is Michele. I met you this summer at the pool near Avon High with Dan and Erin. I am the one who hurt my foot and am still on crutches. I am so sorry about your sister. I remember how you spent so much time with her at the hospital and what a great sister you were to her. Even though you will always miss her and think of her, you know that she is no longer in pain.  I know she will always be watching over you and will be in your heart forever.

I am thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.


Michele D.

dear Joelle,
I'm so sorry about Laura. i went to the funeral and you we're amazing. your so strong and saying what you said took a lot of guts in front of all those people.
i've been missing you lately and can't wait to see you again. I hope we can always be good friends.
i know your missing Laura very much but just remember she will always be watching over you.
stay strong Joelle.
and if you ever ever need anything I'm here for you.
love ,
your friend,
allie smith
p.s. i can't wait to see you again and be able to send math notes.

I am so sorry, I cannot imagine what it is like to lose your sister. You are such a strong girl, I know you will live on and be the best you can be.   Know that my heart aches for you.  I only met you once (at the leukemia fair at Pine Grove) but I always hear such special things about you from the Pine Grove teachers.  God bless you and your mom.  Laura will always be missed and will remain in so many hearts.  You and your mom will be in our hearts too as you carry on.  Know that the entire town of Avon loves you.

CarolAnn Baldwin

Dear Joelle:  I'm Mara's mom.  You met us at CCMC.  I wanted to tell
you how sorry Mara and I are about Laura's passing.   We can only
imagine how hard this has to be for you now.  Our hearts are with you, 
Anne & Mara

Dear Joelle,

You have been so good and kind your sister through all this, now we pray you and your Mom get strength! Laura will always be there with you and you will always cherish her memories. You are one special person, may God Bless you with his choicest blessings.

Lots of love

Sushma and Ray Ohri

Dear Joelle,
I've followed your family through your website for the last year or so and I'm also a friend of Katie Bonner.  I'm continued to be awed by your strength and I cannot imagine what you must be going through.  In all my memories of Laura all I remember is her huge smile.  We were all lucky to know Laura and we are all blessed to have been shown the strength that you have had.  You were such a good sister through all of this.  It's a lot for someone to take no matter what their age.  I have a brother and I don't know what I would do seeing him suffer.  Know that you are in my thoughts.  I'm sending you a big hug (telepathically).  I loved Laura though I didn't know her very well.  Family looks out for one another.  My aunt died a year  ago and I can still feel her presence.  I've heard how close the two of you were and Laura is sure to be there for you forever.  With her watching over you you'll always have someone by your side.  Good luck in your future.  God bless you and your mother.


You are surely seeing the sights.  The three crazy chicks I have got into the American Girl scene this year so that has been exciting.  Hope you are hanging in there.  give yourself and Laura and mom a big hug from me.  love the crazy teacher.  PS.  I always learned a lot from Nikki, I am amazed that I still have so much to learn and am learning from you, your Mom, and sister.  Thanks for sharing. the crazy tutor


Happy New Year.  Although for you I wish it was under better circumstances.  I hope you get to see the ball drop from your room and hear the excitement in the air.  May it give you some comfort.  I hope your room is filled with confetti and streamers.  That someone has silly string and wild noise makers.  Enjoy the day sweet one and know we are praying for you and a miracle in whatever form it may come in.  We love ya, the crazy tutor




Dear Joelle,
    I wanted you to know that you and Laura are in my thoughts. It is so hard to watch your sister and your best friend in so much pain. Stay strong girl,

Hi Joelle: It was so great to see you yesterday.  Although we could not get to Rockefeller Center to skate, it was just fun to be together.  Alexa enjoyed her time with you so much as did "Big Brother" Anthony.  You are a special and wonderful young lady.  Mom and Laura are so lucky to have you.  I miss you already.  Love, Aunt Donna PS - Did you make any New Year Resolutions?  Mine is to not eat too much chocolate although they say it is good for you now.  What do you think?


I hope you had a nice Christmas. It's been a long time since I've seen you; I hope you're doing well. I loved the picture of you that came up on the site a few weeks ago; you looked so grown up (and very warm in your stylish hat and jacket) at the parade. It must have been exciting to be able to see it in person; I have only had the pleasure of seeing it on TV every year. Anyways, I wish you a good rest of your vacation, a happy new year, and a safe return to school after the holidays. Remember, if you need anything, you know where to find me.
 Bye for now! Jenifer


Dear Joelle,  Its Christmas, but it doesn't feel like it.  We are all thinking of you and Laura and your mom.  we are missing Nikki terribly, but her spirit is felt ever more on this special day that we are celebrating Christ's birthday.  I hope that these special Christmas angels are helping Laura today.  We love you.  Love Aunt Gail


sushi is one of my favorite things.  do you like the spicy sauce-wasimbi?  That is the best.  I hope you are doing well as you can.  Give Laura and your mom a big hug for me.  How was the Mexican food.  we really do not have a lot of that good stuff here in amston.  We do have a good sushi place in Colchester though.   What movie did you see?  We just watched Spider Man last night.  take care little one, the crazy tutor- ps like the crazy student stuff.


Hello Joelle!!!! How are you? I haven't been able to see you in school at all!!! I really do hate the idea of teams!!!! I hope you your mother and Laura are doing well!!!  You are all in my prayers and thoughts I will keep myself updated on everything by reading Laura's website!!! So how has school gone for you? How do you like Mr. Butwill? Who's your math teacher? I want you to wish your whole family a late Christmas greeting from me!!! Well Happy Holidays!!!


Dear Joelle,
       We want to let you know that sooo many people are praying for YOU, and Laura and your Mom.  There really aren't words to let you know how much we care and wish that we could make this better for your family.  You have been amazing through it all and have handled more than anyone your age should ever have to face.  God really is with you now, more than ever....even if there are times it seems like He's not!  Let your family and close friends help in you in any way makes sense to you.  And if you want people to just treat you  "like a normal kid" ....just tell them that.  
                                           With our love & prayers,
                                                     Mary & Ken Bangs & the Kids


Hi Joelle-
I am a friend of your mom's.  I just wanted to tell you that I saw your picture on the website.  You looked so beautiful in your red coat and black hat at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  What a great picture!
Mrs. C

Hello Joelle. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. You are a brave and courageous young lady. You have been a rock for Laura and I know she needs you right now especially. I miss you very much. We will have to practice out dance when you get back home. Love ya and miss ya,


Hi Joelle,  Its been a long time since I've seen or talked to you, Laura, or your mom, but I think about you so, so often.  Are you with your aunt in New Jersey, or at home in CT?  If you have time, I would love to hear from you and see how you are doing.  I loved having my purple, glittery nails, and can't wait to see you again.  If you need a ride to NYC you or your mom can call or email me or if there is anything else you need:)  Love you and miss you,  "Aunt" Gail aka Nikkismom:)


say hi to the big city,  I read that you got to go to court.  What an amazing family  you guys have so many great connections.  I am glad you get to be there for your mom and sis.  Also great job on the book report you crazy kid (you are a girl after my own heart)  Be safe, love the crazy tutor

Hi Joelle,
  Just a note to say Happy Friday! Hope you get to relax a bit tonight. My
girls are always in a better mood on Friday night:-). I see from your mom's
journal that you are heading to New York this weekend. Bring along a good book
to snuggle up with Laura and mom as the weather will be "brrrrr".
  I raked leaves for 5 hours today and I sure could use your mom's "magic
fingers" to fix all the sore spots! :-) Please send my love and prayers.
Wendy and family


Hey girl, a plus on your book report. How cool is that!  I know it must be hard for you not being with your mom and sister, but they always have you in their hearts and their heads.  Plus a lot of people are thinking of you and your family.  Will you be able to go to NYC? or does school work keep you bogged down?  Take care little one and stay strong. love the crazy tutor

Do you remember me? my name is Tessa I am 11 too I was in your grade in Avon. From kindergarten to second grade. Also at Renbrook camp. I saw you and your sister in the  paper on the 19th. 
I will pray for you and your sister every night.
                                                From  Tessa


How is school.  I just finished the first week with my seventh grade math students and they are pretty cool and sweet.  Tell me is that because it is the first week of school or do you think it might wear off.  What did ya wear on the first day of school.  I know that is always and exciting time.  All three of my girls get to ride the school bus together and sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad.  You know how sisters can be.  They can learn a lot from you and Laura about sister love.  anyhow, we are thinking of you.  Stay healthy.  Love, the crazy tutor, jenn

Hi Joelle!

Just a little note to say hi - we're thinking of you.  Take care of Amanda and you have fun with her.  We miss her!

Do well in school and hugz to you!

Love   Mrs G.   xoxoxoxoxoxo


Hi Joelle, happy new school year!!  Hope school is cool for you this year.  Aaron started high school and really likes it.  He misses seeing Laura, though.  We all think about you and your family often, and pray that this will all be over soon for all of you, and you can all be home together again.  You are such a super sister; many people and kids have sisters that don't care for them half as much as you care for and love Laura.  You will be her hero when the transplant finally takes place.  Actually, I know you're her hero already just because you're you!  Take care, and have a great weekend.  Love to you and your family, Aaron's mom


Dear Joelle , how is everyone doing ? I just want you to know that I keep Laura  In my prayers. I haven't seen you all summer but I hope you are having a great one !!!! I hope to see you in school ! I hope Laura is doing good I will talk to you later!!!
Your friend,

Joelle: Hey Sweetie!  Just a quick note to tell you I am thinking about you and hoping you are doing all right.  It has been awhile since I've seen you.  I bet you grew alot this summer.  I hope to make a trip up very soon, possibly within the next week or so.  I will get in touch before hand.  Love and Kisses, Aunt Donna  xxx ooo


Hey chickie, saw those great pics with you and your family in front of the convertible.  Looking good.  I know laura will give you and your mom the first ride.  Wear a crash helmet as you know it will be the first time or few other times she will actually be testing her driving skills!  Hope all is well is soccer over yet?  When do you start school?  We start the 26th here in Hebron.  So early.  Take care kiddo, jenn

Hey girl, heard ya had a little scare with Laura.  Sorry you had to go through that.  But I am glad both you and Laura are safe.  Things in life happen that we cannot explain, remember there is always a plan for us and we never know what it is.  Like who would have thought you would ever me a crazy teacher like me.  See what are the odds of that or you winning such a cool award.  I mean I know you are a super spectacular kid, worthy of all kinds of awards, but to win that one, you rule.  Keep your head up babe I know this is very hard on you, but we are routing for you and your family.  Try to have some fun.  love, jenn


Hey we both are in camp at the same time.  Okay you are having all the fun!!! Just kidding, as a teacher at camp I am having a blast.  It is so different then school the kids are less stressed out.  We are going to a Chinese restaurant on Thursday so the kids can learn how to use chop sticks.  what are you doing in the Avon camp?  Have a good one, and keep smiling, although you must be having a tough road without mom and sis.   Just know you have a huge group of people thinking always of you.  love, jenn


Hey Sweet cheeks!  Your picture is almost as beautiful as you are in person!  I hear you are enjoying camp.  Are you getting to the pool frequently?  Alexa did that camp before and really enjoyed it.  I guess you get to meet people who potentially will be in some of your classes at the new school.  What is the name of your new school going to be?  I know it will be very special and exciting to be a part of the first class to go into it.  How is Cocoa Puff?  Is she giving you lots of loving?  She is so a affectionate.  Are you doing any neat crafts in camp?  Write back when you can.  Love and kisses, Aunt Donna  xxx ooo 

Dear Joelle: Hey kiddo, just wanted to check-in on you and tell you we are all missing you and thinking of you right now.  Joelle, please e-mail me at hrtsurg@aol.com if you get a chance.  I would love to hear from you if you have an opportunity.  I am looking forward to spending some beach time with you after the transplant.  Much love and kisses, Aunt Donna

Hey Joelle!
       I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I'm thinking of you.  I know this all is so hard on you, but I really respect how well you're handling it.  Don't give up and keep being a great kid!  Know that we're all praying for you.

Dear Joelle, I am sure that you have heard a million times what a great sister and daughter you have always been, but especially now, but here it is for the millionth and one time.  I know that this has been a tricky time for all of you, but hang in there and I can't wait for you and Mommy and Laura to come down here for a visit (a really long one) and we will do lots of fun things, but number one on the list is another water balloon fight just like the one we had outside your house but this time with lots more balloons!!  Give yourself, Mommy and Laura a GIANT hug...Miss you...Love always, Aunt Robin

Hi Joelle, I was talking about you today and I thought I better let you know!  Girl friends of mine were discussing your sister and then they told me about how wonderful Joelle is!!!!  WOW was it fun to say "I know her!!!"  I told them the good news about your being a perfect match and they all got excited!

I hope you are doing well and looking forward to the end of the school year!  If you need something to do for a change, I am off on Monday's and Wednesday's so I would love to spend some time with you.  Maybe we could try baking or shopping -- or you let me know what you would like to do!  I am at yolles3425@aol.com if you want to email me any time!  Lots of Love, Anne

Dear Joelle: Hey kiddo, just wanted to check-in on you and tell you we are all missing you and thinking of you right now.  Joelle, please e-mail me at hrtsurg@aol.com if you get a chance.  I would love to hear from you if you have an opportunity.  I am looking forward to spending some beach time with you after the transplant.  Much love and kisses, Aunt Donna6/7/02


Hey kiddo hope you are holding  up being away from your mom and sister so much.  How is soccer going?  Do you still have matches to go?  When is school out for you.  My last day of teaching in 6/13.  I know I can not wait, I am sure you can't either.  well stay strong and try to have fun.  love, jenn

Hi Joelle!!
Congrats on your NJ award - u certainly r special and we ALL know it.  I know times have been hard and scary for you recently, but keep praying for good things.  We think of all of u daily and check the site daily 2!  U r a wonderful support for your Mom and sister and dearly loved.
We love u Joelle!  God Bless
Love    Mrs G


Hi Joelle!  What great news to hear you are a match for Laura! Are you excited that school is almost finished for the year? I hope you have a great summer! I think of you and your family often!   Love, April

How thrilled you must be -a perfect match for your sister-that's terrific! My husband was tested for a match for his brother but he wasn't as fortunate as you. We were so disappointed!  So I know you are happy .....and more than likely, a little nervous. That's to be expected. After this news, and knowing all the support and love you have given Laura,  I wasn't surprised to hear that you have received a "best sis" gold medal.  You are the BEST......we can all learn from your actions. I think of you often and want you to know you and your family are in my continual prayers. Hope to see you soon,
Nancy Nation

Hi Joelle!  I sure do miss you! I know you are staying with friends, and I hope you are well. What have you been up to?
I miss seeing you on Sunday mornings, and around the yard. Everyone is taking very good care of CoCo for you. Send me an email!!!
Love, Mrs. Boychuk

Hi, My dear Marsella I know many people are calling you a "hero", but I want to tell you that you have been my hero since the first day I met you and your family. I'm sorry I couldn't make for your concert....really sorry. Please, let me know if we can have a little time together this weekend. I love you Jolie

Hi Joelle,
It was so nice having you visit Uncle Larry and me last night.  You're such a delight to have in our house.  Hope you come again soon.  When the weather gets nicer we'll do some weeding in your garden.
Stay cool
Love you,
Aunt Joan

Wow are you nervous about the big award.  WHAT A WONDERFUL THING FOR YOU!!!  See I told  you you were a one an a million super duper sister.  way to go.  will it be on television?  you go girl.  what are you going to wear?  lots of love, jenn

Hi  Joelle!
What a great piece of news that u r a perfect match for Laura.  I know things have been looking gray for the family lately, but you can paint it a lot brighter for them - and yourself!  You have a very special family and u have friends u probably will never meet, but know that we hold u close in our prayers and our hearts!  Special hugs to you, honey -   Love    The Gilmores


Hi Joelle,
Just want to tell you what a great thing you are doing for your sister. I am sure that none of us appreciate all that you are going through during this very difficult time. However, I am just as sure that you are handling it with courage, pride and concern for your sister.
I wish you all the best of luck for continued improvement.

Gene Gillis

Hey sweetie. KEEP SMILING! if you are home on Friday come over to the High School, we have a Lacrosse game on the football field. You don't have to pay, just bring lots of fun (wow, corny I know). I heard you went parasailing? you gotta tell me all about it.
 Later, Allie

Hey your Mom sent an email regarding your bone marrow test.  You are one in a million.  A 100% match.  What a big deal. You are a brave and courageous sister.  I only hope my daughters can learn about the kind of love you have and the kind of strength you have. Nice job, you are the best.  stay healthy. love jenn

You are so special and have such a special chance to help your sister!  I want you to know that we think so highly of you for being so brave and being brave for your Mom and sister. We are all very very proud of you! You are doing the most wonderful thing to help your sister!!!!
Lots of love,

Hi Joelle!  We heard from your mother's journal that you are a perfect
match for your sister.  Congratulations!  You will give another person
you love the most important gift possible.  You're my hero!  See you at
choir practice.
Love, Mrs. Bonner

Hi Joelle, I just heard you are PERFECT!!!  But we knew that long ago!  I am so proud of you.  I hope you realize how very special you are to your entire family.  This is a very special gift you will be giving Laura.  I think you know how much Laura loved you before today and how she will continue to love you always.

It is wonderful to see two sisters who are so close, so nice, so special to one another.  You are both model young women and you deserve only the very best life has to offer!  I know good things are in store for you both!

Well, I just needed you to know how special you are to us also!  We have watched you since you were very young and you have grown up to be a lovely and giving young lady.  You should be proud of yourself -- we certainly are very proud of you!
Lots of Love, Anne


Hi Joelle,
How are you doing on Mother's Day? What are your plans?
My mom called your mom yesterday. We understand that Laura isn't feeling very well these days. I wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you guys and wish her well. I do hope she gets better real fast. You guys have been going through a lot this past year and it doesn't seem to be getting better.
Keep your chin up, at least  for Laura's sake.

Hi, Marsella How was the soccer game? You have been busy so, I would like to make an appointment with you and, maybe go the movie or ice-cream together. Please let me know Carino Jolie

Joelle, I read your sisters journal today and heard about the not so great news.  You are a great sister and are very brave.  We are thinking of you too and hope all goes well for you.  Take care and god bless, love the Brokaws

Hey Joelle!
I read the article in the paper this morning and thought I'd stop by Laura's web page. I wish I could have come to the High School fundraiser but my sister in Avon High never told me. Say "hi" to Laura for me!
Your PGS Friend,
Ben Zweig


Hi Joelle,   My name is Toni DeLuca.  I just sent a note to your sister.   I am a patient of your mom's and have heard a lot about the two of you.  I wanted you to know that I am thinking of you too.  I hope you are doing well.  I am sure it must be hard to see your sister going through these very tough times. I know that you must be such a blessing for your sister and your mom.    Try to be strong and know that you and your family are in so many thoughts and prayers.  Hope you are having a good year at school. Pretty soon, it will be summer (yeah!!).  I will keep in touch to see how you are doing.   Bye for now, Toni


Hi, Joelle So, what does it feel to be on tv.? You look so mature and pretty. I can't believe it. I was so happy to see you, your sister and your mom that I ended crying. God bless you. Don't forget, I am here for you and your family. Love Jolie




Happy birthday! Last time I saw you, you were about 5. How time flies. It is great to read about you in your page. You are quite a skater from what I read. Whenever you can come visit us in Maryland, we are about 10 miles from DC. Your Mom can tell you more about who we are.
Lots of love,

Happy birthday to you...we have been thinking of you and hope you had a really fun day.  if I was good with the computer I would send you one of those singing messages, but since I am not i will just have to wait to see you and then I will sing (hehehe, not really, cuz I sing worse than I write on the computer) and I am having those computer problems again and have had to start this message 3 times now.  love to you and your mom and sis...hope to see you soon. 
love nikkis mom

Happy Birthday, Joelle! I didn't forget. My computer was down and you know how that goes. Anyway, I do Hope your Birthday was as special as you are. You are a remarkable young Lady. Sending you my warmest wishes for a happy and joy-filled year, Love you, Aunt Judi Gamba in NJ.

Dear Joelle,
Hi my sweetie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WOW- for eleven years you have been a very special part of my life. I hope today is special for you. You have had to grow up at times so fast-but when I see you sleeping I see the familiar expression of when you were a baby in your mouth. I watch your sense of justice and compassion for the "under dog" and am so proud of how you can speak up
for what is right. And of course. I always love that sense of humor you have.
You have the ability to make me smile at life. I watch you help Laura and with a mature kindness help her pick something up or help her get into the car with the crutches. Joelle-things are going to be all right, We have to always thank the Lord for guiding us and showing us how to help Laura and others as well as our self. Thank you Joelle for all the special things you do! I love you so much!
Again, Happy Birthday!

Dear Joelle Marsella: I want to wish the best on your 11 birthday. God bless you and bring all the happiness, health and love on your birthday and forever. Hug and kiss from your favorite baby-sitting.                     CUMPLEANOS FELIZ                     TE DESEAMOS A TI,                     CUMPLEANOS JOELLE                     CUMPLEANOS FELIZ.   EHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MI CHIQUITA BONITA. Con carino Jolie

In case your forgot........:::India, Lima Oscar Victor Echo, Yankee Uniform echo!!!
You are very special.  I can't wait to see you!

the best looking uncle in the world,

Uncle PHIL

How are you? How are you feeling? I hope that you feeling better. Have a little rest for yourself. You have been so wonderful girl with Mon and your sister Laura. I am so proud of you, I can't believe it how grown up and mature you become. God bless you and your family. Remember I am here. Love Jolie

Hi Joelle! -
Finally I made it to your site!!  Hope all s going well there.  I've been reading about how supportive you are to Mom and Laura - you are awesome!  We are waiting for snow and there's none in sight.  I have to take Catherine to school in a few minutes so this will be short.  I'm really happy you have so much support and accept this from your NH friends.  Special hugs to you Joelle and love to Laura and Mom!

Love,     Mrs. G from the North Country

Dear Joelle,
Hi! I saw a commercial the other day on T.V. and saw Laura in it.  I thought of all of you immediately and just wanted to say, "Hi!"  How is school going?  What are you reading for fun?  Are you still ice skating?  I watched the Olympics and loved the skaters.  Did
you get to see Sarah Hughes?  I thought she was terrific!
Take care of yourself and maybe I'll see you at the concert on March 14th.
Mrs. Marzano

HI Joelle!!!  How are you sweetie.  Are you having a good school year?  Are you behaving for Mom?  Your a big help to her you know.  I think of you often, and how big you must be getting.  Give everyone a big hug for me.  May be I will see you sometime soon.  Abby keeps me very busy, as does Nicolas.  Be good!!!!!!!!!!  Love, Karen :)


hey Joelle... Nikki would be proud of me ...I finally have your name right!!!(I am so bad at names, that I sometimes call my girls by the dogs name!!!)  Laura is sure a lucky girl to have a great sister like you  (I'm the little sister in my family too)  whenever I see green i think of you!!  I also have good memories of the day of the fair when you guys had your funny pictures done. We had Nikki's framed but I could have a copy made for you.  Did you get green cotton candy or was it a slushy?  I am glad we shared that day with you and Laura and your mom!!! love Nikki's mom

Dear Joelle, I hope you are doing well.  Has your Mom raised your pay to 25 cents a page yet for stamping those papers?  If you stamped twice as fast, you could earn 50 dollars !!!!  You'll be the highest paid kid on the block!!  Hope to see you soon.  Give your Mom a hug for me.  Love, Marianne (Aaron's Mom)

Dear Mrs Zambrano,
Thanks for the note! I am being paid $10 flat rate!
I am urging my Mom for more! Hope you and your family are fine. See you at CCMC or visiting us!

Hi Joelle.  I was Nikki's tutor and I met you on Saturday at the church.  You are a brave sister for Laura.  Thanks for helping keep her spirits up.  I hope my girls can learn from both you and Nikki's sister how important it is to be such great kids.  You take care of yourself too and keep up the great work.  Love, Jenn, Nikki's crazy tutor

It's nice to hear from you, and yes I had a very nice holiday.  Hope you did too.  Did you spend Xmas at home?  If I remember correctly I think your Aunt Mona, Uncle Phillip and Uncle Jimmy usually go to Conn. to visit you.  I hope Laura was feeling well to enjoy the holidays.
  Well, give my love to your Mom and Laura for me.    Happy New Year!!!!!   Love, Aunt Toni



Hey Joelle, it's Jessica (your favorite cousin. he he he)  how are you? how is school doing? I'll be finishing school soon.  I will try to go up an visit. maybe we can go to the movies, how's that? Keep an eye open for a good one.  Well, I have to do my homework now, e-mail me as much as you like, I usually check it when I am at school.
love you.
love (your favorite cousin. he he),


Hello Jello!!

It was so much fun seeing you this week!  You are growing so tall and beautiful.  I wish our visit was much longer.  I hope that it will not be too long until our next time together.  I hear you maybe going to Uncle Phillips' for dinner.  I bet they will keep you busy in the kitchen!  Have a great Thanksgiving.  I will count you as one of my many blessings.  You are so special.  
Love & Kisses, 
Aunt Donna 
PS Have you heard any good jokes lately????


Hi Jello!!!

Thanks for letting me come over and play with Coco-Puff.  I had a great time with all of you! 
Love, Domenic


Hey Joelle,

It's almost Thanksgiving, and.............time to trash Aunt Sue's kitchen.
I have your apron ready and plenty of flower!  Can't wait to see you guys.

Luv ya,

Uncle PHIL

Hello Joelle,

Good to hear school is going well.
Soon it will be time to think about Halloween costumes, right? Do you know what you want to be?
I went hiking yesterday, it was a beautiful day for it.

Give mom and Laura my love.

Hi Joelle,
I hope you are enjoying your summer!
Evan & I had a fun weekend.  We went to the Lane County Fair on Saturday.  We watched two people crawl into a steel ball and be sling shot at 100 miles per hour into the sky. The ball was connected to bungee cords. We just watched.  I was green just watching. Evan & I also camped in our backyard.  He enjoys sleeping in a tent. During the night the temperature crept down to the forties.  We stayed warm inside our sleeping bags.  He even enjoyed "camping" in the "Cabins" in the state park near NYCC in Seneca Falls.
What types of things do you enjoy?  Have you had the chance to do them lately?  Do you enjoy reading?  Evan is a BIG Harry Potter fan.  He is reading the fourth book.  Can is anticipating the movies release in November.
 I realize that your sister's cancer has temporarily changed your lives. But it will not be too long until you can all start enjoying life again.

Anthony DeSiena

Hi Joelle how are you?  I can't wait to see you!  I miss your smiling face so much and I hope that you are doing good.  I know that you are going to have fun at my party! 
  lots of love amanda searle  

It was great seeing you and your family this week!  I really miss you and our Connecticut Family.  I hope that Domenic did not destroy any of your belongings.  I know that he enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with you and Alexa.  Joelle, I have to tell you, your appearance has changed in the last couple of weeks since I saw you last.  You are even more beautiful than you were before and growing into a fine preteen.  I also enjoyed reading your beautiful poems.  You are quite talented.  I hope you will share with me more of your writings. I look forward to seeing you next Monday afternoon.  I hope you enjoy your weekend at Kimmi's.  Her children are adorable, aren't they?  I bet you have fun being a "big sister" to them.  Write back when you have some free time.  Love, Aunt Donna XXXXOOOO  PS Send me one of your silly jokes!!!

Hi Joelle... 
You may not know who I am... I've seen  you once over the years and that was when you were still in diapers and not yet drooling from baby teeth...  -smile-   It was quite a while ago.  I am your Mom's high school friend, Judi Gamba.  I live in Woodbridge, NJ.    I got to thinking about you and wanted to send you a note of encouragement and support.
I cannot say I know what you are experiencing at this time in your life.  I cannot even imagine it.  I do know the Love that exists within your Family, I do believe it is the Love that will keep you all strong and supporting one another.  I read the website at least three times each week to keep informed about Laura's progress and I often wonder how you and your Mom are doing under such circumstances.  I am especially thoughtful about your feelings.  I see you have a remarkable support system there in CT.   It is wonderful how people will come together in the name of Love to lend a hand, do a favor, say a heartfelt prayer, give a much needed hug.  Your generation is meant to remind the general population (humanity) that Love sustains Life, not things or material possessions.  In this way, you may have become an unwilling leader.  Circumstances put you in that position, I know you didn't volunteer for it.  There may even be times when you think the whole thing really sucks.  Well, it does.  
If ever you need someone for listening, I am here...  I  won't give my opinion unless you ask for it.  I am not making this offer lightly, believe I will not criticize or judge how you feel or what you say as long as it is your truth.  I cannot and do not accept untruths in any form of communication  I trust that you are a loving member of this family and your heart is aching.   This heart needs to express itself and I am willing and able to listen.  
      Tell me about yourself.  I see you are a member of some choir.  That is how your Mom and I met in high school.  Not that either of us could sing soloist, but I will not go into that here.   haha
      So America's Sweetheart...  -smile-  if you decide to keep in touch that would be wonderful, if you choose not to write back, that too is okay.   Know I wish you life's very best and I hope to see (or at least hear about) all your dreams come true.     From my heart to yours with much love, Aunt

Hi Joelle,
I am really sorry to hear about what happened to Laura. When my mom had cancer. I was only 5 so I didn't really know what was going on. I love it here but I still miss Connecticut a lot. Please write back soon.
Patrick Mckenna 


Hi Joelle!
Found out about your web site from Kimberly Durham.  It's really great and a great way for your friends in Springfield, Illinois to keep in contact with you. I read your journal and am really proud of the way you're dealing with having your life turned "upside down". You know when I found out that I had breast cancer one of the hardest things for me to cope with was knowing that I was really messing up Kate and Mary Rita's life for a long time.  You know that even six years later I still wish that they never had to go through that experience. I know they still worry about me and if my cancer will come back and if I might die this time and it makes me terribly sad that they've had to "grow up" so fast!  No child should ever have to have worries like this and I know Laura and your Mom wish that you didn't have to go through this too!  I know how awful it must have been not to have your Mom at your school play but being a Mom, I know how sad she was to have to miss it!  You are so terrific to understand that right now your Mom has tough choices to make and sometimes....for now...Laura has to come first.  Life will return to normal one of these days and then you can fight with Laura and drive your Mom crazy...just like my girls do!

As I told Laura, Kate and Mary Rita are asleep right now because it's REALLY late but I will tell them about your web site and I'm sure you'll get some messages from them soon.  We have two more weeks until school starts so we're starting to get the backpacks, school supplies, clothes...you know all the stuff!!  Mary Rita and Kate are both going to new schools......again!!
Kate's is 6th through 8th and Mary Rita's is 4th and 5th grades. 

Sooooo how come your Mom doesn't have her own web site?  Since she doesn't please tell her "Hi" and give her a big hug from me!!

Linda McKenna

Hi Joelle,
      You probably know me by now as the postcard lady! Hope you and your sister like the ones I have sent. I have more to send that I picked up the other day.
      Tell me, what is your state like? We are basically on the side of a mountain but it is called a high desert area. Lots of pinon trees and sage but it smells so pretty after it has rained.
      Do you like to do jigsaw puzzles? I do, but don't have the room to leave them out all the time so now I do them on the computer! They are loads of fun.
      It must be hard for you with your sister in the hospital and your Mom so busy trying to divide her time between everything. Try to hang in there
and up Mom.
      Love to you all, Barb

Hi Joelle,
I thought two notes would be twice as nice! :-) I miss you! You always bring a smile to my face. I hope to hear from you soon!

April Carlson

Hi Joelle, 
Wow, I'm amazed how brave and grown up you are.  It sounds like you are helping your sister and your mom incredibly.  I can imagine how difficult this ordeal has been for you, and unfortunately it will be a long road ahead.    Keep up the good work......I know how much you love your sister, so that's not too hard to do.    If there is ever anything I can do for you just send me an E-Mail or call.......   Give my love to all,   Aunt Toni

Hi Joelle!
It was great to see you, Laura and your Mom in church today.  I can't believe how much you have grown up over the Summer.  I think you're going to end up being the tallest of the Santiago Ladies!  I'm glad that you're planning on coming back to the Youth Choir in the Fall.  We missed your voice while you were gone.  Only two more weeks until school starts - yikes!  I think you'll like 5th grade.  I know my girls enjoyed it a lot. You rule the school!  Take care and enjoy the rest of the Summer!
Love, Mrs. Bonner

Who's the biggest help, the best friend and warmest hug to a big sister ever? Why Joelle! Everyone in Rotary knows that! You're the best! And you're a big help to your Mom and sister every day.

We love you!
Mr. Bessel


Wow! Who took all those nice pictures? They're great! Thanks for the news,
I've printed ours, and put it on the refrig. Talk to you soon!
Love, Anne/Mrs. B.


Hi there cutie!
      It's Crystal.  Mom was showing me your page. It's awesome.  You really did a great job.  P.S. Those pictures of you are pretty stunning if you ask me.  I hope school is going well, and just think, school's almost out and you'll be going to camp soon.  GOOD LUCK!!!
Luv Ya


Hi Joelle,

It's hard to believe that you are almost a 4th grade graduate - I remember when you turned 3!!!!  You are growing up into such a sweet and wonderful young lady, and I know that your mom is very proud of you.  I know that your sister appreciates and loves you very much, too - your support of her is such a blessing.  Enjoy your last week of 4th grade!

The Wagners

I know your mom through my sister-in-law, Judi Gamba.  I just read your fun page and I wanted to thank you for the laughs.  They were very funny.  I think I will share them with my priest, Father Ken here in Barnegat, NJ.  He always ends mass with a joke.  Sometimes his jokes are very funny and
sometimes not so funny.  He is always looking for new ones.  Nothing makes
life better than laughter.  I can see why your mom is so very proud of you.  

All of my prayers and best wishes for you and your family,
Dellamarie Larkin

Hi sweetie,
I am missing my swimming partner. The weather is rainy and not so inviting at the shore. Mom tells me that she is so proud of you. You have been a great help to mom and your sister. What are your plans for this holiday? Well I'll call you later, wanted to check out your web page.
Lots of love,     Aunt Mona & Uncle Steve  


Joelle, I loved your fun page!!!!  
You always know how to make people laugh and smile.  I know just how proud your Mom and Sis are of you.. You are wise beyond your years.  If you ever want to hang with us, please do not hesitate to call.  
Love you lots, Aunt Donna xxxoooXXXooo  :)   

5/30/01 Dear Joelle,
     I loved picking you up today after school. Keep my phone number close!
Call me any time you want to visit, a ride or go out to eat.
You are "America's Sweetheart"

Mrs. Nation

Hi Joelle!
I know your sister and your mom appreciate what a trooper you are!  Keep smiling and know that you are in our prayers as well!

Mr. and Mrs. Wagner - Courtney and Kristin too

Dear Joelle, When it comes to being a great sister, there is no doubt that
the award would go to you.  Mom keeps telling me about how wonderful you have been, but that isn't a surprise because ever since you were a little baby you have always been a great sister and a great daughter.  Please give yourself,
Mommy and Laura a giant hug from us and we can't wait to see you in June..and for you to come visit us in Australia.  Love you lots, Aunt Robin the Aussie

Dear Joell,
I want everyone to know how terrific you have been! You have heard Laura bragging on the phone to people about how great you have been and helpful. She is correct about this! You are a special girl!


Hi Joelle! 

I know your sister and your mom appreciate what a trooper you are!  Keep smiling and know that you are in our prayers as well! 


Mr. and Mrs. Wagner - Courtney and Kristin too


Hi Joelle this is Allie. Hola, Bonjour and all that other stuff. Que Pasa??

~'`*Smile*`'~and the whole world smiles with you~`'*
*** La Vie Boheme! No day but today!****


Dear Joelle,

We missed you at choir today. We all know that you are Laura's "chief
supporter!" and that you have had a lot of new responsibilities to take on.
Mom and Laura are lucky to have you around for help, care and support!

So, what's this about the Moron Tappanapple Choir?? Singing "Ave Maria" huh??
Hmm. I hope you didn't get any inspiration from St. Ann's for that joke!

You are in our hearts and prayers,
Renee and the St. Ann's Youth Choir :)


Hi Joelle,
Give your sister a hug from us.
                                  The Curtis's

5/15/01 Joelle, I hope you can have some fun with your web site. Lets work on some stuff for the fun page. 

Gene Gillis