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     This page allows friends and family to either send a note to Laura or have   their   message posted here, for her to see on the web site.  Click on the link below to display an email form and enter the note. Laura may choose to post notes sent directly to her. 

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Notes To Laura

My prayers for you all. You know I'm here. If you can do anything that would be helpful, Joanne, just let me know. Hugs Leslie

Hey Hun~
                 I'm on my mom's screen name but I was just thinking about you. People @ the rosary LOVED ur CD. You have such a great, clear voice. I've listened 2 it I'd say bout 100 times already. Well, I'd better run, I'm getting kicked off the comp. TTYL

                                        ~ luv alwayz~

Thank you so much for the card. The choir continues to ask about you and has fond memories of the concert. You truly were an inspiration to them.
I am writing to invite you to our concert which is June 3rd at 6:30 PM. Now I understand that you are or were back in the hospital, so I completely realize that you will likely not be able to come, however I do want to extend the invitation to you. We would love to see you here. Also, we are going to be singing the song we sang at the Avon concert and we will be making a little announcement about what we did and about you so our audience will know exactly what happened and why we were involved.
Please take care of yourself, and know that you are our thoughts and prayers. We hope to see you soon, and if it is not at this concert in a week or so, it will certainly be next year!
Take care,
Jay Dixon

hey I'm a friend if Nikki's and I've been checking on you too since she said she found a friend at the hospital.  I am 14 and I met her when we went to zones (in buffalo) with her.  I was very happy when I read that Joelle is a 100% donor.   I hope your red blood cell count gets back up soon as it can.  In the mean time feel better!
                                with love- Ali Tichy

Congratulations, I know you feel terrible right now but you and your sister are one in a million.  Just wanted you to know you are in my prayers.  I drive by your house everyday and think of you.  I want those pumpkins out this Halloween, with so many people praying for you, it has to be great!

CarolAnn Baldwin

Hi, mi nina bonita Today was a beautiful day. I took Coco outside, and we both spent a couple minutes on your backyard. While there, I was remember you as the little girl on the swing, playing with her sister Joelle. I looked up to the sky and asked God to bring you back home. I miss you Laura. Remember, I am here for you, your mom and your sister. Keep the smile on your pretty face, like all angels do. I love you Jolie  

Laura, you are doing great.  We all keep on praying and you do such a good job of working on getting well.  You're great!!  I talked to the Simmons Family at the farm on Town Farm Road in Farmington and they are going to help again with pumpkins for Halloween.  That is such a big help.  They are very happy to help fill your front yard with jack-o-lanterns.  It is planting time now so we're getting organized.

Tell Mom that I was very grateful for the little message on my answering machine.  I know that she has no extra time and I am glad to hear her voice.  Keep up the good work you guys!  I love you all!  Leslie

hey laura- i just wanted to let you know that i am thinking of you and you are in my prayers. i haven't talked to you in a while and i am hoping that everything is going ok. when you are feeling better i would love to come see you!!! i will pick you up and we can do lunch, like we have been saying for a while :) take care, and stay positive! keep smiling!! -Tracy

Hi Laura,
I heard the weekend event was a huge success!  How wonderful that Joelle was
able to be there.
Hope you are doing o.k. Your positive attitude is certainly going to get you
over this small hurdle.
Remember all the prayers and thoughts that are with you.

Love, Laurie

Hi Laura,
Just wanted you to know that Uncle Joe, Michelle, Jennifer and all the rest of the family have you in our prayers every day. I know you must be very tired at this point, but real soon with Joelle's help you are going to be feeling much stronger. It was great talking to your Mom today I really wish we could visit, but it will have to wait until you are feeling a lot stronger.
We love you a lot, from the New Jersey crowd.
Aunt Nidia

We are keeping you in our prayers, daily and know the angel who brought the Farmington Rescue Squad is watching over you, Joelle and your Mom.  We send a huge, but very gentle hug.   Love, Drs. deSilva

Hi, mi nina bonita Remember keep your smile. Here I am praying for you, your mom and your sister. Con amor Jolie

Dearest Laura,   Congratulations on your Confirmation! What a special moment for you!  And, hopefully, a bit more strength to carry on as you have done so well for so long. You are in our prayers daily. A hug, but very gentle hug for you. With love, Drs. deSilva

Hey Laura!  I'm so glad that Joelle is a match!  Praise God!  I start to jump up and down for you when I found out!  I hope that everything goes okay so that the cancer can go back into remission!  I've put you on my church's pray chain and I continue to pray for continued strength!  I hope that you feel better very, very soon! 

Hey Laura,   I know you will fight this.  You are so strong and I admire you for all your strength and courage.  I just want you to know that I luv you soooooooooo much!  You are a great wonderful person and I can't thank you enough for being a great friend! Luv always and forever, ~Amanda~

Hi Laura!   Just checked my E mail for the first time in weeks and saw a note from your Mom.  I jumped over to your Web site and caught up on your "doings".  I'm so very sorry to hear of your relapse but am thrilled that Joelle is a perfect match for your bone marrow transplant.  Please know that we have all been thinking of you, your Mom and Joelle and that each one of you is in our thoughts and prayers.    Life in Springfield has been very WET!  We've had 15 inches of rain in less than one month and needless to say we also have a wet playroom...although not nearly as bad as some families.  The girls are finished with school on May 31st.  Kate will be a freshman next year at Sacred Heart Griffin Catholic High School. It was a difficult choice for her to make and she'll miss her "school buds" but I know she'll be happy there.  Of course her Dad and I will have to drive her to school....at least until she gets her license....YIKES!  Mary Rita moves next door to Middle School and Caroline finishes up Montessori School and onto Public School 1st grade so it will be the year of changes. Caroline is in a play that her Kindergarten class wrote ....it's the story of Charlotte's Web and she is Wilbur.....yes, she's very excited!   We'll be in Avon the first weekend in August so if you're not up in Boston we'd love to drop by for a quick "Hello"!   Love to all of you! Linda McKenna

Hi Sweetie -

So happy to hear of your good news.  Cat & I were laughing and crying at the same time we are so happy for you all.  I know you have been weak so just get stronger and feel better.  The grapevine is open and we're tuned in!  We love you, Laura!!

Love,   Mrs.  G

 Laura, you got my friend Elaine's message-----I have known her since we were five years old so when she told you that story she forgot to tell you that we were both crazy about mermaids and used to fight over a mermaid puzzle in first grade......that she left out!!!!!!!!     we are so excited that Joelle is a perfect match!  I told Joelle on the phone today how happy we were for all of you.  I am glad that you were able to get home for a little while.  do you like otown?  I am taking Amanda to see them tomorrow night at the Oakdale theatre  in Wallingford and wanted to know if you would like something from the show.   Laura we love you so much! give your mom and sister a big kiss from us! love, aunt Darcy

Laura, My name is Tracy and I am friends with Michelle Millerick and her family.  I will be going through an unrelated donor transplant through Dana Farber in Boston on 5/24/02.  Barbara thought you may end up there.  I will keep you in my prayers and would love to communicate when you feel up to it!

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