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Notes To Laura

Hi Dahlin!
We're leaving later today for Avon.  Hope you are feeling better and we hope to be in touch.  We love you Laura!.   Purple hugs and kisses -  
Mrs    G


Hey chickie what a difference a week can make.  I know you will be ready for a couple marathon sessions down the halls of ccmc. Look out residences, hurricane laura is a force to be reckoned with. I am so glad to hear you got that special bear that mrs. g got going.  To know you have one of the firsts and have nikki;s constant eye on you must be a calming thought.  I know she is always watching over me and little signs such as good things happen to kids like you reassure me that she has her hand in all the good stuff and even some of those crazy devilish pranks.  You stay strong and have great purple thoughts.  we are always thinking of you and our sharing your story to have others continue to pray and keep you in their thoughts. peace out chickie and stay cool, love the crazy tutor

Hi, Laura.

I work for The Hartford. Thanks to an email plea for donors from our Blood Drive Coordinator I have just accessed your web site.  What a blessing I have received!!!! 

You are without a doubt a "COFFEE BEAN."  The fragrance and flavor released by your strength, courage, determine and faith have definitely changed MANY of us who have been introduced to you in such uniquely DIVINE ways...such as an email at work from a Blood Drive Coordinator (who also must be a "COFFEE BEAN.")

I would like to leave with you a verse that was given to me in a divine way when my father passed away in 1981.  It has lifted me in many dark times in my life...it's appropriate for ANY situation.  I memorized it and any time I allow my circumstances to make be feel defeated, I just start saying it over and over...GUESS WHAT HAPPENS!!!  Try it and you will see!!!  (ISAIAH 41:10)

With love and prayers,

Mollie Beecham
Administrative Assistant
The Hartford P/L Division

Dear Laura,
We want you to know that you and your family are in the prayers and hearts of SO many people who care deeply .  God's love and power are greater than we can even imagine and and through all those who love and pray for you God shows His love.  Remember...."In God, all things are possible!!"  Imagine all the angels of all those people surrounding you and your family!.....That's a lot of love!!  
With all our love and prayers,
                                                                                                 The Bangs Family :)

Hi Laura,
You continue to be an amazing young woman!  Prayers are continually coming
your way for your pain to subside.


I hear you were up today using a walker!!!!!!  Laura, that is phenomenal!!!  Your strength and determination is incredible!  You definitely are your mother's daughter.  I am sending you a bright and breezy, sunny day, with the smell and sound of the ocean, and sand between your toes.  It is a great focal point when you need to get away from Room 824.  Yesterday (Sunday) we had a family birthday party for Domenic.  He will be three already on Friday.  We had it at my sister Dina's because she has a beautiful yard and pool.  He did not go in the pool but played all day with his cousin Andrew (3).  They were like two little old men sitting at a "table for two" playing with cars and trucks.  His face lit up when all 28 of us sang Happy Birthday!  It was a special, memorable day for him.  I hope tomorrow is a great day for you Laura.  Feel the energy of all the love, support and prayers coming your way from all over the world.  You are so special to all, beautiful Laura.  God bless you!  Love, Aunt Donna  xxxxxxxoooooooooooo:)  Uncle Tony :{)

I know that you don't know me, but I really wanted to get in touch with you, because I feel connected to everyone who faces cancer at some point in their lives. I was blessed enough to survive cancer when I was very young, and though I don't remember much of it, I know that the one thing that really got me through was hope. You just have to know, despite everything that might seem to be going wrong, that there is a reason for all of it. You just have to hold on til tomorrow. If you do that everyday, you're going to make it. Just hold on a little longer. And no matter what happens, I know that things will end up the way God has planned. I hope they end up with you being an old old lady, but that's not for me to decide. I'm praying for you, as I know everyone who knows anything about you is, and I'm sending my love, my hope, and all the strength I have your way. Hang in there, sweetheart. ~Rae (Crazy Jenn's newest victim). :)

 Hola Laura, te habla Alejandra desde Venezuela, mis mas sinceros saludos y pronta recuperación. Aquí en mi casa todos estamos muy pendientes de tí y de tu familia, sabemos que Dios es muy grande y estamos seguros que el no te dejará sola en ningún momento; el quiere que tú seas feliz, así como lo desean todas las personas que están a tu alrededor; y ya verás que todos estos momentos un poco incómodos que tú y tu familia están pasando, Dios los sabrá recompensar y tendrá para ustedes una vida llena de muchas cosas lindas.   Por ahora te puedo decir que solo las ganas y el deseo que tu tengas de vivir son las mejores armas para esta lucha, que todos aquí esperamos que tu seas la ganadora. Yo sé que muy pronto tu estarás frente a esta computadora leyendo este mensaje, así lo deseamos todos.   Desde aquí desde Venezuela deseamos tu mejoría, mi familia y yo rezamos todas las noches porque así sea, saludos a Joelle y a tu mamá.   Y recuerda siempre: "solo las ganas y el deseo que tu tengas de vivir son las mejores armas para esta lucha".   te quiero mucho, Alejandra.

Hey chickie, your strength and fight continue to go strong.  Although a little dark right now I believe good things will come.  I hope today your pain is a little less for a few moments and a rainbow with strong shades of purple shine through for you.  Rest and get strong, we love you.  the crazy tutor and her family

Dear Laura:
Hi!  I'm Mara's mom.  You've met me in the hospital a few times.  I know you've been having a rough time, and I just wanted to let you know that we'll be thinking of you and praying for you.  Stay strong.
Lots of love and good thoughts!  - Anne, Bill and Mara Dauphin

    I haven't talked to you in a while but I just wanted you to know I think about you all the time. I pray for you every night and most of all I admire your strength. I often get upset when I get a bad mark in school, but you are dealing with such a greater force and still you manage to hang in there and whenever I talked to you, you are ever so pleasant to me. Hang in there, the prayers of all your friends and family are with you!
Kate H

Hey Laura!
     I'm sorry to hear that the side effects have been bad!  I pray for you everyday!  I know that it's going to get better for you!  Just hang in there!  The big man upstairs knows what he's doing! ;o) 
Get well very soon!

Dearest Laura,
I had a good trip over and I succeeded in making my computer work so we can now write to each other. The weather here has been kind of so so, not really warm but OK. At least, it is not raining. Your Mom told me you had surgery on the sores, I hope it doesn't hurt too much and is not too uncomfortable. Are you still on the 8th floor? I feel bad being so far away and not seeing you. I decided on these dates to be able to be with you in August, when you are better. Take good care of yourself. I am sending you a virtual hug and lots of kisses.
I love you,


Dear Laura,
       This is Jackie. I hope you get better soon. I think of you a lot.Every morning after the Pledge Of Allegiance I say a prayer for you. We also had to write a prompt about 3 wishes you would make if a genie were to grant you them. One of my wishes was for you to get well.

Your Friend,
Jackie Shea

Hi Laura, this is your friend Paige from regionals.  I am really sad about what you are going through. I want so much for you to be healthy, and I want you to know that you are in my prayers.


Just wanted to stay keep up the good fight! We are all praying for you, your Mom and Joelle.
Lots of love,


Hey I really think that good things will be happen for you on Thursday.  I just went to Nik;s web site and mrs g and gang are going to  ST louie for cancer and kids stuff and introducing the nikki bear.  how cool is that.  I am sure now st louie will know of those extra strong courageous beautiful and wonderful kids with cancer in CT.  so here is to Thursday.  thinking of ya babe, hang tough, the crazy tutor.


hi, i'm marshall i read your article in the hartford courant on mon. as like every-one else i to was touched by your words. i never really respond to letters much but when i read your article i just had to send an e-mail to give you my prayers .i feel the hurt,pain,loss,frustrated at times,mad,lonely,but most of all i feel lost .....i lost my beautiful dad april 19th of 2002 just 8 weeks its been and i have an emptiness in my heart and soul......multiple myeloma a bone marrow cancer took my dad ...he's not suffering anymore which is a blessing,an i know he is in a much better place..may god be with you always ,may the support of family an friends doctors an nurses seniors an infants and all that know you bring you comfort an joy for the rest of all lives                         YOUR NEW FRIEND MARSHALL D FROM WEST HARTFORD


Hello Laura,
Adam and I just want to let you know that you are in our prayers every day!! We wanted to be sure that you know that we care about you very very much. You are truly one of the strongest most determined girls we have ever met. We have said to each other so many times that you are amazing.  I know that things may seem really hard right now but don't let that discourage you sweetheart!  This is the time to be your strongest.  Not only that, this is the time that God is going to just pick you up in his arms and give you all the strength you need!!  Just think, you have conquered so much and that has just made you stronger so in times like this you can fight your hardest.
There are so many people praying for you the angels are working overtime!! I read this poem and I thought that it was just perfect for you.  I hope that you enjoy it and make the words your own.  You are in our hearts and prayers and we love you very much!!

Love, Adam and Andrea

Refuse To Be Discouraged

I refuse to be discouraged, To be sad, or to cry;
I refuse to be downhearted, And here's the reason why:
I have a God who's mighty - Who's sovereign and supreme;
I have a God who loves me, And I am on his team.
He is all-wise and powerful - Jehovah is His name;
Though everything is changeable, My God remains the same.
My God knows all that is happening - Beginning to the end;
His presence is my comfort; He is my dearest Friend.
When sickness comes to weaken me - To bring my head down low,
I call upon my mighty God; Into His arms I go.
When circumstances threaten To rob me of my peace,
He draws me close unto His breast Where all my strivings cease.
When my heart melts within me, And weakness takes control,
He gathers me into His arms - He soothes my heart and soul.
The great "I AM" is with me - My life is in His hand;
The "God of Jacob" is my hope; It's in His strength I stand.
I refuse to be defeated - My eyes are my God;
He has promised to be with me As through this life I trod.
I'm looking past all my circumstances To Heaven's throne above;
My prayers have reached the heart of God - I'm resting in His love.
I give God thanks in everything - My eyes are on His face;
The battle's His, the vict'ry mine; He'll help me win the race.


Dear Confirmed TEENS,
The doctors are very worried about your friend, Laura Santiago.  She is fighting a very difficult battle.  Therefore, she needs extra prayers from you.  PLEASE PRAY FOR LAURA EVERY DAY...AS MANY TIMES A DAY AS YOU CAN!   All prayers are powerful!  Traditional prayers like the Our Father, Hail Mary, Rosary, and Chaplet of Divine Mercy are important, and so are prayers from the heart like "God, please heal Laura!"  Your prayers have helped Laura through a great number of hard times already, and, if we all say extra prayers, I am sure she will be helped again.  I am counting on you to be devoted disciples of Christ...and Laura is counting on you, too.

    This Sunday, June 16th, we will be having a HOLY HOUR OF PRAYER to commemorate Padre Pio becoming a Saint.  During that hour--12:30p.m. to 1:30p.m.-- we will be saying special prayers for Laura's healing.  I hope you can be there to pray with us.  I know it is Father's Day...but please see if you can spare an hour of your time to pray for Laura.


    Mrs. Lowry
    Confirmation Coordinator




Do you know that a simple "hello" can be a sweet one?
The word HELLO means :
        H=How are you?
        E=Everything all right?
        L=Like to hear from you
        L=Love to see you soon!
        O=Obviously, I miss you..............
  We all miss seeing your gorgeous face in church, at school, in town  and are praying each and every day for your health. In the middle of the day or in the middle of a treatment, please know I am thinking of you.  I hope knowing how dear you are to so many people will give you a pinch more strength to bear your very tough road.   With much love and many, very gentle hugs.   Drs. D xoxoxoxox

Dear Laura, For some reason it has been a bit tricky trying to get your website to come through, but I guess we were meant to finally connect today...you, your mom and Joelle are in our thoughts and prayers 24/7...I have written this e-mail dozens of times in my head, but as I sit here to write it the words all mush together...the main thing is that you are such a trooper and inspiration to all of us...you are doing what needs to be done and focusing on the task...you are doing a great job in focusing on healing...one cell at a time and I am sure that each and every new cell is proud to be part of your body!!  I truly can't wait for the day when I pick you and Mom and Joelle up at the airport and we get to go for the walk on the beach that I have been dreaming of since we got here...by the way, we will be having a water balloon fight as well. we are overdue for one...be prepared!!  Give yourself and Mom and Joelle a GIANT hug...hang in there and remember the rainbow is on its way with lots of love and sunshine....Love you now and forever, Aunt Robin

 Keep fighting honey -  I know it's hard and we're all praying for you.  We'll be down in 1 1/2 weeks and hope to see you.  Just rest in the Lord. and remember:

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong 
They are weak
But He is strong

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so
We love you Laura

Love    Mrs G

Hi Laura, we were talking about you today.  I was driving several girl friends to a bridal shower in Fairfield.  Everyone knew about the beautiful young lady in Avon who is fighting harder and harder to turn a corner and feel a lot better.  I was so impressed that so many people knew about you!!  Do you know how well known you are?  I know this is very hard on you but I wanted you to know I just found more people who are praying and pulling for you!  Lots of Love, Anne & Michael  

Hi Laura!  It is a rainy day in NJ!  Domenic and I were talking about you so I thought I would check-in.  He is so funny, Laura.  Whenever I ask him where he got something from, he always says, "Aunt Joanne" or "Laura."  He also, when we say prayers at night, spontaneously will pray for you first!  Verrrry Interesting coming from an almost three year old.  I hope to be back to CT within the week.  Keep fighting the good fight; look forward to the future as it will help get you through the days ahead.  Focus only on happy thoughts and the people and things you love; Mom, Joelle, Coco, friends, your home, music, singing, etc., etc.  Know how much you are loved by all!!!!  Miss you, Love you, Aunt Donna & Domenic  xxxxxxxxxoooooooo :) 

Hi Laura,       
How are you. We always think about you and we pray for your health. My mom just came from Poland for Kasia's Holy Communion. We all together pray for your fast recovery.  I hope you will get better soon.  
                                                                  Stasia with Family

Hey chickie sorry to hear that your deep dark tropical chemo has caused some nasty burns.  We must work hard at developing some sort of burn protection with this chemo.  well at least you get out of doing school work!!!  Plus you are getting all this good blood stuff.  I always use to say to Nikki that i hope they gave her the good stuff now I must pass the torch to you.  Get the good stuff girl. 
You still rule, I read your mom's journal and you got every dept taking care of you.-although I am not sure that that is such a good thing, but in a way we all should be blessed with knowing you whether good or bad.  anyhow, stay strong, love Jenn Hi, mi nina bonita

6/7/02 I just want to say I LOVE YOU. I am here, praying for you, your mom and your sister. Keep your smile. Jolie

Hi Laura, Today its raining again, good for the grass, plants, I await a sunny day. This weekend is going to be nice, so let some sun shine in to your room.

I have been following your journey, and as I have said before, you are a very courageous young lady. I read what your mom posts and it makes me realize just what tuff means. WOW. You deserve a superhero comic, JUST ABOUT YOU. I know you will beat this. I know you will start making those healthy cells. My thoughts and heart are with you. I am sending you positive energy everyday. I know I will see you at a Rotary Breakfast very soon. Be well. :)

      Hey!  How ya been?  Sorry I haven't kept in touch recently i didn't know how to reach you.  Things have been alright here i guess, schools getting tough with exams coming up.  Peter and I were planning on going up to see you as soon as we can.  I can't wait!  Hope everything going alright, I'm thinking and praying for ya!
p.s. sm; )e

Dear Laura, Thank you for letting Robin Nemeth come to
us. Robin and her family are wonderful. I am very lucky to have met Robin soon after her arrival here, and now I am working for her as her office manager, she is so inspiring and I can imagine how much everyone over there must miss her.  She has told me about you and how brave you are so I thought I would just write a short note and say hello and thank you once more. p.s I have organized us to put a team from Nemeth Chiro in a Walkathon to raise money for cancer on Mothers Day. Take care keep smiling . Love Sue from Aussie

Hi Laura,
My name is Amy - I guess you can see that.  :-)  You can also see where I
work and what I do.  I have been working with Officer Joe Santa Maria on the
New Britain Police blood drive.   I have read your entries and my heart goes
out to you and your family.  Keep fighting Laura!  Our prayers are with you,
every day.

Together We Can Save A Life!

Amy Kaiser
Senior Account Representative
American Red Cross
Connecticut Region Blood Services

Dear Laura,
We are all praying for you here at the American Red Cross. We check your
web-site every day to keep up to date with how you are doing. Please let us
know if we can help in any way.

Best wishes,

Susan Hacking


Hi Laura,   I  just wanted to let you know I think of you often & want to come down to visit when you are able. I miss you and your family very much.  What great news that Joelle is a perfect match for you! You are in great hands.   Love, April Doyle-Carlson


Hi Laura!

We're checking in on u.  Just got back from Cat's spring concert and Lia's softball game. It's 10:30pm and I'm whipped.  I helped weed and transplant the garden at the hospital for the Alzheimer/dementia patients and on the 19th I'll be going in to make use of the rhubarb in their garden to make strawberry-
rhubarb pie for the ladies. They'll have that for their tea party that afternoon.

We are all praying for good things to happen for you. Know that you are in our hearts and prayers daily and can't wait to see u in 2 1/2 weeks!!!

We'll spend 2 weeks in CT so fr this summer and we hope to visit if you are stronger.

Take care darlin' - the angels are watching over you!!

Love, Mrs  G

Dear Laura,
How are you?  I am doing well and I hope you are too.  I will come in and visit you on Tuesday.  I have some stuff for you.  Have your burns and mouth sores gone away yet?  When you can talk, I'll let you tell me some stories, but until then, you have to listen to me.  BWAHH HAAHH HAHHH!  Well, I will see you on Tuesday, so stay healthy and in good spirits.     Love, Aaron and the Z's

hi love! i know we don't talk all that much but i just wanted to let you know i think of you often! I'm always close by if you ever need anything!
<3Crissy B.

I am so glad to hear the Joelle is a perfect match for you.  You got the right luck on your side.  I hope that all goes well from here on in.  I have been keeping tabs from Mrs. Giampolo and your website.  I still do want to get the time to visit with you.  But for now I will stay away.  I have not been feeling so hot the last couple of days, and I know that I cannot visit.  Anyway, I still have those arts and crafts projects or if you just want to talk let me know.  I will talk to you soon.  Keep your chin up.

Love- Kaeley

Laura -

We know you love purple so here's a Purple Passion Prayer for you.  We in NH send you our prayers and love.  The road is really rocky and we can only wish to help you bear the load to relieve you of the pain.  Know that we are all holding you in our hearts and know too that good news is just around the corner.  God Bless You Honey            Love,     Mrs G

Dear Laura,
    I am sending you all my love and lots of prayers.  I know how painful things can get, sweetie.   Remember, I have been there.  
    When I was full of pain, I asked Jesus to take it away for a while so I could rest.    I  imagined Jesus next to me going through my awful stuff.   I would actually see Him going through it...not me!  Then, I would rest, relax, and feel His healing light warm me up.  As I felt the warmth of His healing light....His great love for me....I knew I was being healed!
    Let the light of Jesus' love heal you!  He loves you so much...honest He does.  Jesus only asks great suffering from those He loves the most.  You see, your suffering is saving thousands of souls.  Just look how many of your classmates are turning to God and praying for you.  Take strength in their love and prayers for you!
    Remember, you have been strengthened in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation.   You have the strength and courage to face anything life gives you.  You are a very brave disciple of Christ.  And when you feel weak, do as Jesus told us:  "Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest."   Matthew 11: 28.   Trust in Jesus.  He is the Great Physician.
    With All My Love, Prayers and Good Wishes,

I am donating platelets in a few minutes.  I would be honored if they go to
Good bless you.  I will keep you all in my prayers.
CarolAnn Baldwin

All of the Ohri clan is praying for you, your Mom and Joelle. We will check back on the site to see how you are coming along!

Hi Laura This is Michelle Sinicrope, Joe and Nidia's daughter. I just wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are always with you.
I don't know if your mom knows this, but I'm a teacher now. I teach at St. Stephen's school in Kearny. Yesterday, the second grade has a special mass and we remembered you in our prayers. My class, the 6th grade wanted to make you some cards so, I will be putting them in the mail today. I know that you will be in ICU for a little bit, but I am hoping that you can still receive them. 
My girls are getting big, I will send a picture .  Please tell Mommy and Joelle that we are also thinking of them, and that they are also in our prayers.  Speedy Recovery and God Bless  Love,


Hi Laura,  Michelle and I just  wanted to let you know, we are thinking and praying for you. Hang in there.   Barbara Millerick

Hi Laura It's a beautiful morning here in Mt. Washington Valley - we were awakened by the music of thunder and a gentle rain but the sun has come through now and it will be a hot day.  I hope things are going well for you and the WBC addition went well 2.  We are all praying for you and Mom and Joelle and think of u often.  We love you.  I'll check in later.     Love   Mrs. G

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