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Notes To Laura


Hey girl, linguine, wow, that sure sounds good.  My mouth was watering and I could smell it after reading your moms note.  Now that will take the bite out of that cancer.  Sorry to hear that the chemo went in too fast.  Sounds like they have it under control.  Take care and know I am thinking of ya here in Hebron. 
 the crazy tutor


Dear Santiago Ladies,
   Each Thursday I open the newspaper to check out the classified "tag sale" section, carefully avoiding the rest of the paper because I just can't heap all the awful bad "news"" on my plate. Today my schedule was a bit crazier as I had to work in both the morning and evening, so Chuck got to the paper before I did and left it a mess of course). A I picked it up to scan for "my section" the faces of 2 angels fluttered to my lap. How absolutely stunning you both are! I can't imagine how anyone could get a thing done with those 2 beautiful woman there to stare at. Joelle, you surely are wise
beyond your years and have been through more than most will be in a lifetime, but your cheeks, smile and eyes are mesmerizing. You look like you are an 18 year old
model! And Laura...oh how I see your young mom in you!
It reminds me of how many years back we met her and her golden hands...she is still a beautiful woman...and you surely do mirror her shine. You are stunning! And I feel
older seeing the updated "yours"!   I think of you often, speak of you too, pray for you
ALWAYS and feel like a skunk for being so close and not close enough. I admire all three of you for your giving & kindness and ability to not just believe in god, but
to lead those of us (who have "little problems" )SPIRITUALLY. You all wear halos in our book and thank you for letting everyone see what courage and goodness
REALLY is. You ladies, you are the real heroes in this century.
    This is the beginning of the Jewish New Year...and I have it from a good source that this will be your year of great happiness and renewed health...and you will be repay-ed for the time you've spent teaching so many of us to be humble.
   All my love...please call if you need a laugh ( I can always make fun of Chuck)or a shoulder...our hearts and prayers are with you at all times.


Laura,   Godspeed to you and your family.  Know that you are in our daily thoughts and Prayers. Sheila


Rumor has it you are going home. How exciting it must be!  It does always mean so much when you came be around the people and the things that mean so much.  Good luck to day and have a blast at home.  Thinking of you always, love the crazy tutor


 I know I have been really bad about keeping in touch.  Something I have to work on.  In any case I have been following you through the website.  It sounds like things have been rough.  I pray for you all the time and think about you every time I see your face on television in the CCMC commercial.  Stay strong, and by the way LOVE THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I'm not too jealous or anything.  That bad boy is waiting for you to be behind its wheel.  Take care of yourself.  Enjoy your time at home and I will be thinking of you.  Don't forget--you got an angel on your side.  I truly believe that.  I know that Nikki is one of my angels.  I have felt her more than once.  Take care and even though it is easier said than done--keep smiling!!!!!

Love- Kaeley (Nikki's swim coach)


WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!

Oh  Sweetie -

Just to sleep in your own bed again........  You must be so happy to be around familiar things.

I hope by being home you pain is minimal and that you can re-establish yourself there.  Keep up the good work Kid!

It's been a busy week here and I am maxed out but I am sooooooooooooo happy for all of you.  Please give my daughter a hug and kisses from all of us.  We miss her - it's rather quiet here ( yeah right)

Send my love to Mom and Joelle and savor your home time.    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Love    Mrs G    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hey Laura!
     I'm so glad that you get to go home for a little bit!  I know that you must be very excited!  Just don't go and sneak out in the middle of the night and drive your car!  :O)  If you get too tempted you can always send it to me and I'll gladly keep the seat warm for ya!!  :OD  I am constantly praying for you.  Not only are you fighting this with your family but you also have God on your side.  Keep on thinking positive and enjoy your nights in your own bed!


Hi Laura Just a short note to let you know you are in our prayers every day.  I wish you good health and the strength to get through this! Take good care and fight the good fight! Love and prayers Kelly and Jeff

   Hey its great to hear from you!  Don't worry you're not missing much at school besides a ton of homework.  The other day I was at the carwash and everyone came and was praying for ya and happy to help any way they could.  I got really soapy and wet but it was a gorgeous day and it was a great success.  I must have looked like such an idiot i spent like an hour on west Avon with the sign trying to flag cars down haha.  Oh well I hope things are going fine with ya.  Keep your head up!

p.s. sm; )e

Hey hun~
                   I'm soooo glad your doing better. You are starting to sound more like your old, sunny self! School started today, ahhhhhh! lolz j/k It was okay but you were missed. Stay strong and keep fightin the way you have been hun and you will be in Boston any day now. I'm praying for you always.
                                                                                ~ Luv Alwayz~


Hey chickie, got to bust out of the hospital did ya.  Must have been a good time.  I know I had to bust my husband out when he was in for his hip rehab.  Hey he got a cermic one.  I think that was the kind they are shooting for you to get.  Hey is hubbling around on crutches but is bouncing back pretty good. Knowing what you have had to go through it will be like a real easy piece of cake when the time comes.  So how is the chair glider thing for the stairs.  My brother had the really old old ones in his house because the lady who owned it was like in her 90's.  I told him he should keep it but he tossed it.  It probably didn't work anyhow.   We thought of you today especially because we spent a couple hours with the great Gail Giampolo.  We passed out stickers and stuff for Childhood Cancer Awareness.  Purple hearts-pretty cool stuff.  As always you are in our thoughts.  Stay healthy and stay away from the sick people-no infections needed.  Sleep tight and hang in there, bigger and better things are coming.  We love ya kid, the crazy tutor, jenn


Hi Sweetie!

Been thinking of you and hoping your days are better then the previous ones.  It's beginning to look like fall up here in the mountains with the leaves turning golden and yellow  and bronze.  I'll take some pics and get them to you via email (I hope).

You take care and do what the docs say - hope to see you soon.  
Mrs G    xoxoxoxo


Hi Dahlin -

So happy to hear good reports. GO - FIGHT  - WIN!!  We send positive purple thoughts and big Italian bear hugs to you.   We love you Laura!!

love  Mrs G    xoxooxxoxoxo

I'm so happy to hear you are feeling a little better, keep fighting the survival fight, our prayers are with you always.

Aunt Nidia and the New Jersey Family


Laura you are great-
       I look up to you for everything. You are a true trooper a true fighter and you are amazing. I am this year in Women's choir. I think you have heard but we are singing there you'll be in choir. We are all hoping for you to come back in time to sing with us, but your health is definitely a number one. I hope for the best , and god bless you, good luck, and thank you for showing me how important it is to be close to your family. Good luck and say the same to Joelle and you mother.
Sara R.


hey Laura! it's Maggie and Jamie. we have been thinking about you a lot and you are constantly in our prayers. your new convertible is soo awesome, we are so jealous! we can't wait to see you cruising around Avon with the top down! school is going alright; it's hard to adjust though after the long summer, although now it seems it's gone by so quickly. have you made any new necklaces? we miss you and hearing your voice at concerts. we really hope you are doing well and feeling better soon. have you written any new songs? we've written some...well tried too, but they're bad, hahaha. well we can't wait to see you! When you are up to having visitors please let us know, give a call or email whatever is easier. We really want you to know how much we admire your courage, strength, and bravery because none of us could ever do what you do! Well we g2g bye Laura!!!
               <3  Love <3
               Maggie and Jamie

Hi Laura,  I just wanted you to know that I think about you everyday, and of course, check the website for news.  Hang in there!!
I've started choosing music for women's choir....if you ever want to take a look at it, I can get it to you.  One of the pieces I chose for this fall is "There You'll Be".  It's a nice arrangement for SSA and hopefully we will be able to learn it for the October concert.  Even if you won't be able to sing with us that early, It will be dedicated to you, knowing how much you like the song and remembering how beautifully you sang it last March.
Stay strong and positive, and someday soon, 'there you'll be',  back with us! 
That's my prayer!
Love to you and your family, Ms Pruett

lad to hear you are doing better!! keep up the good fight-Tracy


Hey Laura: Glad to see your journal entry!  Welcome back!  Love you!  Aunt Donna  xxxoo

   Hey missy! I hear you're doing better, I'm so glad!  Keep eating, if ya want anything special tell me and I'll definitely bake it for ya!  I'm not the best cook, but I'll see what I can do haha.  Anyways tomorrow is the start of another school year so I'm pretty bummed.  I'm praying for ya, the school year would be sooo much better if you could come back!  In the mean time stay strong, we're all here for ya.


Hey chickie sorry about the pelvis spot, stay strong and think happy purple thoughts.  You have been through many difficult times and this is just another dimple in the orange.  I am glad you got to go home.  Sorry about the falls on the steps. Was it up or down?  I know I always fall up them and bruise my shins.  Oh, well, listen sweet pea, you are always in my thoughts.  Get the good stuff so you can get to Boston soon.  Take care, love the crazy tutor

9/1/02 Hi Laura!!
You've got a heavy schedule ahead of you so I want you to focus on healing!!   We think of you so often during the day and pray for you constantly.
We send you sunshine-y thoughts and PURPLE prayers for a positive run this week.  Mangia!!!!   when you can and know a lot of people are with you - all your guardian angels!!   We love you, doll - beat this darn thing!
HUGS and SMUSHIES       -    Love     Mrs G    xoxoxoxoxoxo


Come on Laura.  You have to do your part.  Eat get some energy. We can beat the lymphoma.  Anthony

Hi Laura - Just a little note to say we're thinking and praying for you.  Hope today went well for you and that tomorrow will be a better day.

Love Mrs G    xoxoxoxoxo

Laura, I'm so sorry to hear the news. it really hit me hard....but you just have to keep on fighting and you have shown that you never give up your strength to fight. you know that you have so many people praying for you right now and you have a beautiful guardian angel that is watching over you and helping you through this too.  I wish that I could do something for you, I know right now you all need your time. but I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you all the time and pray for you every night.  my heart hurts and I can't even imagine the pain you all are going through but all your strength is amazing.  you are truly an amazing person....morning will come and the tears will stop and there will be happiness again...hang in there....Tracy

Dearest Laura, Joanne and Joelle,  Your battles have been hard fought and the enemy just keeps coming at you.  I know you have been focusing on the positive and don't look at this as an enemy, and I applaud your courage.  I know you will continue to fight and that God has not left you alone although it can sometimes feel like it.  we continue to pray....We love you...love Nikkiangel, Gail, John, Jessica and Natalie.


                   I'm still in shock from the news, it hit me hard. But I'm still positive you'll get through this. You are definitely the bravest person I know,   you certainly have already overcome your share of obstacles so far. I know how unfair this must seem, and I agree with you, you don't deserve this at all.  I feel so helpless. Just know that I'm here for you always, and I'm always praying for you. Keep fighting hun. My heart hurts for you.
                                                                                     Love Always,
  P.S.~ I'm sending you a BIG hug  

guess what? im the tooth fairy! hehehe jk i was tryin to make u smile beautiful :-p well its 1:30 am and i wanna say "HIIIIIIIIII!"... well like Dr.D said, its just a bump in the road. You'll make it through. so far we've seen you climb mountains, so this is nuthin. we're all praying for you. we know you're gonna make it because you're so brave and
strong. we all love you hun!
love always
cat g.


Laura -

We're all thinking and praying for you.  It isn't the news we were hoping for but focus on the love and prayers that surround.  Rest in the knowledge that the docs are trying to use their talents to help you and that this too is another obstacle.

We love you Lau and hope to see you soon and that good news will follow.  Stay strong sweetheart and know that lots of people are on board for you.

We send you PURPLE PASSIONATE POSITIVE thoughts and prayers.

Love the Gilmores


Dear Laura;
I'm here in New York City and thinking about how great it was to take care of you.  The hospital is OK here, but I don't have a relationship with my patients as special as the one I had with you.  I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Love always, Tara


My dear Laura,   Well, this news is certainly not just a bump in the road, but it is not a road block either. You will get through this, honey. We are with you and your Mom and sister in prayer and thought every day. Please know that we are surrounding you with hugs. luv Dr.d


I am so happy to hear the good news!! We will continue our prayers in the hope that the next phase will have a very positive outcome, with as little pain as possible.
A sterile hug and kiss for you and Joelle.
Aunt Nidia

Laura:  We were so happy to hear that you are in remission!!!  We'll keep praying for more good news, and we'll look for you when we come in for chemo this week. -- Anne and Mara  Dauphin

Dear Laura,
    I just got home from a mix of camp and a short vacation to the beach.  I went on your website and was so so so happy to hear the good news!
Everyone I talk to is praying for you including me.  You are such an amazing person! Also I saw your car. It is gorgeous! Well I will write again soon.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
Love Always,
Lindsay Fitzgerald


     Praise God!!  I'm so glad to hear the great news!  He has definitely been watching over you!  Well, I will be praying that your transplant goes well!  Then we will both have our transplants!  :O) 




Hi Laura, your mom called me yesterday to tell me the good news.  I'm so happy for you!!!!  I called Terry, your other Wish Granter, and told her the good news.  We've been checking your web site and enjoy reading the notes and seeing pictures.    It's truly amazing what faith can do for one and yet so few believe.  We're looking forward to granting your wish and will keep in touch until we can visit again.   God Bless you.   Nancy Wethje Volunteer Make A Wish


Dear Laura,     Congratulations on your good news!!!  My family has been thinking of you and hoping for you to be able to have the transplant.  Keep looking forward!!!  I hope I can see you at school this year.  It was such an inspiration to have you there, just seeing you in the hallways and knowing you had so much against you but kept on going!  This proves what prayer and determination can do.  I'm so happy for you! ~Torie Eells


Dear Confirmed TEENS,

    Go to www.laurasurvivaljourney.com  and  get the details of  the good news about Laura Santiago!  Her operation was successful, and things are looking good for her bone marrow transplant.  So, please keep praying for Laura.  Pray there is no more cancer in her bone marrow, no complications, and that she will have her transplant right away (with her sister Joelle's help) and that Laura will BE HEALED!  Miracles are happening for Laura, and we pray for more!


    Mrs. Lowry
    Confirmation Coordinator

P.S.  We will be having a CAR WASH FOR LAURA SANTIAGO to help with her medical bills on Saturday, September 7, 2002 from 9:30a.m. to 3p.m. Bring your own bucket, sponge & towel.  We also need help SELLING TICKETS to the Car Wash after Masses on August 24 & 25 and August 31 & September 1.  PLEASE CALL JOAN GOULD, Our Youth Ministry Coordinator, at 677-7881 to sign up to help in any way you can.   Thank you so much!


            I want to tell you how excited and thankful I am to hear that you are in remission.  When our youth group was on our ministry and training trip this summer, each day, one third of the group had the opportunity to pray.  During one of those “concerts of prayer,”  your name was put on the prayer wall and one of our students began praying for you and weeping.  At the end of the few minutes that she had been spending time praying for you she looked up and realized that all 50 students in the room were behind her praying for you along with her.  Whether or not you know this, you have been prayed for by people all over the country, who through the common bond in Christ care for you and believe that God has the ability to heal.  And look at you now!  Praise God!  He is at work and there is no doubt in my mind that he has brought you to this point of healing. 

            I want to let you know that the Valley Community Baptist youth team will continue to pray for you.  We try to do so each time we meet together.  You are precious in the eyes of the Lord and He loves you dearly.  We will pray with confidence.  Hebrews 4:14-16 says, “Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let is hold firmly to the faith we profess.  For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet was without sin.  Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

            Laura, I pray that God will continue to encourage you, that He will give you strength, and that you will be able to rest and recover quickly.  Be encouraged – God is at work.  He is in control!
                 We will continue praying for you,

                    Marc Swenson

                     The high school youth pastor at VCBC


Dear Laura,
I hope this is the right email address to send this letter to! i read your moms entry today and cried because i was so grateful that you are doing well. Im not sure that i would ever have the strength that you do to push through such a scary illness. I hope that if i ever need that strength i can reach inside myself and pull it out as you did. Your face and smile light up the room and i cannot wait to see you back in Avon. I leave for college in 7 days and i will definitly be checking in on your website to see how you are doing. Laura, I have read this website over and over and i often read your mom's entries that remind us to thank the Almighty God. I have to admit that sometimes my faith wavers. I dont always know who God is or what he does or if he hears our prayers. But God heard my prayers for you today and that helps to strengthen my belief. I often wrestle with my faith and i am trying hard to better understand God. Thank you for your faith...it has pushed mine along. Ok, girl...now its time to REALLY get back to feeling your best. Take good care of yourself because i want to see that bright shiny face when i get back to Avon. Enjoy High School and remember how much we all care about you.

Love and Thanks,

Jennie O'Brien


Laura -

What a refreshing sight to see you posting notes and answering your mail!!  We've missed you and are happy for your wonderful news.  There's a blood drive here tomorrow and we're going to donate in your name.  If they can't do that, then we can know that we'll be helping another young person.

It's lovely up here in the mountains - but HOT!  We've been going to the river and the other day we went to Jackson Falls but there was little water rushing down the falls.  This drought has been wreaking havoc here as in other places as well.  The river was nice even though its level too is down.

Well I expect to be back on Monday and I hope we can see you.  Cat starts school on the 4th, Lia on the 3rd. I need to be back early cos Cat has cheering practice with her new coach.  Miracles certainly DO happen!!

Honey - we're so happy for you and the good news you've received.  More purple prayers go out from us daily and know how much we love you.

Buona Fortuna!     Love    Mrs  G     xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Dear Laura,
Received the miraculous news from your Mom this afternoon.  Praise the Good Lord!!!!!  My eyes are brimming with tears of joy at the wonderful news! 
Theresa Bachhuber (Health Ministry)

Hi, Laurita God bless you, your mom and your sister Joelle. What a wonderful new!!!! We are praying for you every day. Dios te bendiga, mi nina bonita. Continua luchando y recuerda que no estas sola, todos estamos contigo. Te quiero mucho   Jolie


Hey Laura, Its Sarah again.  Its great to read your updates again!  Good Luck with the test, and we'll be praying for you. Our church's prayer chain is praying for you too!

Way to go Laura!  We'll be praying for good results for tomorrows test.  Until then, enjoy the walks, turkey sandwiches and especially the breeze in your hot new car!
Sarah and Mrs. Bengtson

Laura: I saw the pictures of your car tonight!  It is gorgeous!  I cannot wait for you to drive it (legally of course) to the Jersey Shore.  The convertible fits right in!  Love, Aunt Donna xxxoooPS It was great to see everyone in the pictures especially you!

Hi Laura!!!!!  

Congrats on your new car!!! What a thrill for you.  We hope to be in Avon next week and hope to visit if you are up to it.

The weather has been nice here - we just got back from the river where the kids jump off a bridge about 25 feet into the Saco River.  They come out bruised at times because they don't keep their arms in next to their body or their legs close together -  but they'll learn!!!

I know you've had a rough ride Laura, but we're all sending PURPLE PASSIONATE ITALIAN PRAYERS and oodles of hugs and goofy frins to buoy your spirits.  Take care dahlin and I'll see you soon.

Love     Mrs  G   from the North Country   ( sounds like the beginning of a rap song, HUH???)


wow, wow, super fantastic-what a great car.  Love the pics, just one question-who is that masked phantom girl ready to jump out of that chair and get into that car!!!!  You know, if you weren't hooked up to the juice, I am sure you would have been all over that parking lot.  What a great day it must have been for you-you smile looks so bright and your eyes were shining like diamonds-or was that the drugs? Just kidding, nice wheels sister-they look good on ya!  Take care, and keep up the good fight.  All seems good and that is great.  take care, and stay well. love the crazy tutor

Hi Laura, just a quick note to let you know we are thinking of you all the time.  We hope today is a good day and tomorrow is even better. You are in our prayers!

Lots of Love, Anne & Michael


Dear Laura,   We love you and so proud of you!  Your courage to beat this monster is awesome!  So Uncle Jimmy got you the "Dream Car"!!!!! can't wait to see it but more importantly can't wait to see you driving in it!  your mom and i have always had this dream that you and Amanda will take off in the car and your uncle Fred will be waiting to beat off the boys!!!!!!!!  love you lots!   Aunt Darcy


Hi Laura!

Just a little note to say I'm thinking about you and sending purple passionate prayers for you.  We love you.  Take care dahlin' - we'll see you soon!

Love,  Mrs. G  xoxoxoxo


Aunt Joann or Sista Laura,

I just wanted to say a quick "hello" and tell you that my thoughts and prayers are with you guys right now.  Also, I'm interning at Sony so if you could let me know Laura's music taste I'd love to send her some music.



Dear Laura,
     I saw your letter in the Avon News.  Good for you!! You have used an opportunity to share your very important point of view.  I pray every day for your health to be restored and for you to be free of pain.  Those Santiago women are a real team and I know you're going to be cruising around in your first car when you're had your driving lessons!!  Love and kisses, Leslie Chaput


You know how to definitely make things exciting.  Bells and whistles going off.  Lets try for next time some sirens for the police chasing you down the highway in your super green vert.  Wind blowing instead of you getting getting sick.  Well on the upsweep you got a room change.  Not exactly the one you were looking for, but hey it is a change and some more people taking care of you.  I think we should just take a picture of the car next time and let you look at it until you are stronger.  I know just the anticipation of driving it is enough to get you excited but there will be time.  Keep your spirits up and know we love you and are thinking of you.  We actually should be discussing some tunes to be listening to when you are driving now there is a good subject.  Give it some thought and so will I I am sure we can find some good one.  peace out and love ya kiddo, chicks rule, girl power and all that, the crazy tutor


Hi Laura!!

You've had a lousy few days but your spirit is astounding and we admire you so very much.  We send lots of purple prayers and lovely sunset wishes.  You take care and we'll see you mid-August!!

Love     Mrs G


Dear Laura: I know at this time you may not be up to reading your e-mail, but I wanted to write you anyway, in hopes that when you are feeling better, you will do so then.  First, I just wanted to tell you how so much prayer is surrounding you and the power of it is so strong and healing.  I am sure you must feel it everyday, and the positive effects it brings.  I know at times of hardship some go away from their faith; others find it, and then there are still others who use their energy during a crisis to build on their faith in God and his works making it stronger.  I believe your circumstance has caused many to do the latter.  So many people are pulling for you through prayer as you know.  Obviously you, dear Laura, are sincerely loved by many.  Please keep holding up your end of the bargain; keep fighting and winning!  We all will continue to pray for your healing and then in thanksgiving, for your cure.  God Bless you Laura, Mom  and Joelle. .We love you all!  xxxooo Aunt Donna

  You chickie, lets change your birth certificate and get the learners permit and go ridden!!!  I remember my first convertible.  What fond memories.  But then the kids came and I traded in my verts for a caravan-bummer.  Well I guess its for the kids and for now I will remember and think of all the good times you will have on those wheels.  Don't do anything that I would have done Ha Ha Ha.  ok may be some things, every now and then ya gotta live on the edge.  Well then again, you are doing quite a bit of that now.  I can not wait to see you flying down the highway!!!!  Good news on the counts too.  You rule.  Take care, and keep on keepin on. love the crazy tutor


 Dear Laura "the Lovely"   Here's one hug and another one, too. Here is a wish I know will come true. I wish in eighteen months or so, You'll be driving that car Green and NOT blue!!!!   xoxoxoxo Dr. d

Hey Laura! You are my BIGGEST role model!  Your strength, determination, control, and courage inspire me every day.  I'm sorry that I haven't written anything yet, but I have been following everything, and praying for you every single day.  I am writing in green (although it might not show up) in honor of your NEW CAR!!! That is sooo exciting!  Before you know it you'll be driving around in that car, the top down, the breeze streaming by you, the sun on your face!!!  Everyone is rooting for you and I mean EVERYONE! My friends and I check the website all the time.  I can't wait for you to come home, neighbor!  Stay strong! I know you can BEAT this!!!! love always - willa :)   ps if i can do anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, please let me know! I'm right here for you!!

Dear Laura-I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you everyday and am so amazed by your courageous fight! you are such an inspiration to everyone. keep your head up and continue to be strong. you have a beautiful guardian angel watching over you and helping you through this. I wish I could do something besides pray for you!! still know that I think about you everyday and wish that there was something else that I could do for you. I wish I was able to talk to you and hug you, and be with you through this terrible fight. stay strong hunnie. love you. god bless

Hi Honey!!
Good news about your counts - we're all praying for you Lau - so take it a day at a time.  My usual missive to you -  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!  We hope to see you when we get back to CT at the end of July and then in August!!  Take care honey and God Bless!!

Love    Mrs. G    xoxoxoxo

Hi Laura!
     I'm so glad to hear that you are hanging in there.  I constantly pray for you and your family.  This Bible verse has helped me through a lot so I thought that I would pass it on to you...
Isaiah 41:13
"I am the Lord your god.
I am holding your hand,
So don't be afraid.
I am here to help you."
He is always there with you holding your hand through everything.  Stay strong like always!

Hi Laura!
Good to hear that the counts are improving and other things are possible.  This rollercoaster ride you're on has been incredible but honey, know this - YOU ARE AWESOME!!  We send lots of hugs and prayers to  you and Mom and Joelle.  Keep up the good fight sweetie.  We'll try to visit next time we're in CT. Keeping you in our hearts and sending lots of prayers.

Love,    Mrs.  G    xoxoxoxoxo

Dear Laura,
Hey Hun! I just talked to Stacey and then went home to type this e-mail. You are so amazing! I don't think that anyone could be as brave as you are. You are honestly a role model to people. You show them that life is an awesome thing and that  we are all given chances. You are so strong too! I could never ever do the things that you do! I will talk to you soon.

Dear Laura,   Have you given journalism a thought as a career?  Your wonderfully thoughtful letter to the editors of the Transcript and the Courant was so well written and so refreshing.  Thank you for sharing your observations and mature opinion. You are in the thoughts and prayers of so many people - things are absolutely bound to turn around. Do "keep the faith" and feel the love and prayers that are sent to you every day. Hugs and Hugs and More Hugs!!!!!!!
Love, Dr. D

Dear Laura,

Hi Laura!  We hear that chemo is kicking some butt!  I know it is a rough ride for you but just keep on visioning the positive outcome it will produce.  I always remember a cool priest who once said, when things in life just become unbearable," give it up to God."  He said let Him know when it is overwhelming so that you can focus on all the positives.  When you think about it, that is just one of the many reasons our Lord works in mysterious ways. It really does help, Laura.  We pray for you, Joelle and Mom as well as all "Laura's Angels" as I call them who share in the love, faith and most importantly prayer, which will prevail!  God Bless you beautiful Laura, keep focusing on your progress and recovery.  Much Love,
The Squillaro's   xxxooo


Hey I saw Mom's note, you appear to be getting the good juice.  Glad to hear the counts, at least the counts we want to get lower, are.  Way to go kiddo, keep up the good fight.  You have a huge, I mean huge bunch of supporters standing in your corner.  Sorry the side effects are a bummer, but the bad comes with the good. Keep thinking happy purple thoughts.  You rock chickie.  take care, big hugs and sterile kisses,
the crazy tutor

wow, you are so brave Laura... I don't know of anyone stronger. and I don't know where you get your strength, but thank god that you have it. Yeah, this probably sounds corny,  but I think you're a hero to everybody who's met you. you've inspired me to want to help people, people who don't have the advantages in life that I do. You made me realize that we all have a beautiful life and nothing can make it better, except helping others. you're like an angel in disguise. I wish i could be there with you, to talk to you, and to hug you... I think you are the comfort to everybody, ur like... a big hug!
we'll I've got to go now, but I wish I could see you, and help. I still love you like a sister. wish we were fighting this together...


Hi Laura -

I know you're starting a new chemo and want you to know we're thinking of you.  We love you  and you have been such a wonder-    ful inspiration to us all.  God Bless you Sweetie.  Purple hugs and kisses and prayers!
Love       Mrs. G

Hello Laura: Mom told us that you have been busy fighting a good fight. We are thinking of you and know you have the strength to persevere. We have been reading your website and following your progress. Whomever is managing your site has done a really nice job, we feel as if we are right there in CT with you. You have certainly made an impact at the hospital, church and in our lives. Our love and prayers go out to you, Joelle and mom. XO XO, Jenifer Ngo and family 


Dear Laura,  We want to thank you for sharing such truth and goodness with so many people!  You give "teenagers" a good name!  You are a beautiful gift to your family and friends.  God loves you!              
With our love and continuing prayers, 
Mary and Ken B.

Mom might've told you that I saw her in the lobby Tuesday 7.9.  What are the odds of that happening.  We have been thinking and praying for you constantly. Today we read your letter in the Catholic Transcript.  I didn't know that it also appeared in the Hartford Courant.  You are quite a young woman and an inspiration to many.  But why should that surprise us.  You have such a terrific mom. Mom said it is OK to visit now as long as you are healthy.  I am well.  We thought Jonathan was ill, but he is fine.  I was hoping to see you this week.  I will call first to make sure it is alright. 
We love you. 
Rick, Dorothy, Ryan, Jonathan and Audrey

Hi Laura-

Just checking in on you and sending our love and prayers.  Hope the fireworks were good.  your letter to the Courant was so good -  You are incredible.  
Went to the Red Sox game last Friday and although they lost, we had a fun time.  Next year Laura - you'll be our guest and they'll win!!
Purple hugs n kisses to you and squishes and mushes to Mom and Joelle.

Love and hugs --    Mrs. G


Hi Laura, It was very nice listening that you are feeling better after weeks of being in Intensive Care section.  I always know about you from Yolie.  I know that you can't receive visits but that's why I want to make you a litle happy far from my home and most of all:  make you smile.....  I always have you and your mom on my prayers.
Hope I'll see you soon.   With love ,     Flerida

We loved your letter to the Hartford Courant, and we agree completely.  
Hope you're feeling better!    You are a very wonderful, special
person.  We're praying for you!  -
Anne, Bill and Mara Dauphin

Hi Laura!      
Congratulations on your rotary club award and your newspaper editorial. I read your editorial yesterday and it was fantastic- I couldn't have said it better myself! I also saw you on television yesterday on a commercial for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center; I was so happy and surprised when I saw you!       I hope you are having a happy fourth of July. I just want you to know that I am praying for you everyday and I desperately hope you get better soon. I think about you everyday, especially in the morning when I pass your house when I go to camp. Your faith, strength, and determination inspire everyone and I am honored to know such a phenomenal young lady! Keep on fighting and have the courage to never give up. Even though times may be trying now, in the end it will all be worth it. I know you can do it!       I hope you are feeling better and never forget just how special you are. We all love you Laura!          
All my love, Jenifer Kayan  



F*E&RQP(P)*)Q*#$@*_)@*Q_   My version of fireworks on the computer designed just for you.  Hope you are well. Nice letter in the courant-you go girl.  Hope your stitches won't itch!!!!!!  Glad surgery went ok for ya. hang in there babe, love ya,the crazy tutor


Laura,  a little note to tell you how much we love you and are always praying for you.  we are so proud of you and the work you did to create a teen lounge at CCMC.  good for you!!!!!!!!  Amanda found out that her friend Kelly's neighbor Beth has been your nurse and was Nikki's.....she even has your cd!!!!! we will borrow it so we can hear you sing!   love you, aunt Darcy and uncle Fred and Amanda

Hi sweetie!!!  Just thinking about you and mom and Joelle so I thought I would drop a line!

Hope you are having a small celebration for the 4th of July!  You certainly deserve as least a little celebration!

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!  We cannot wait to hear you have received your wishes!!!  
Lots of Love, Anne & Michael


Hi Laura-  Hope you are having a better day today.  I read and loved your coffee been story.  I also want you to know your letter in the Hartford Courant was terrific- and I used to teach high school English, so I can be quite a critic!  You are so talented.   I am praying that better days are ahead for you. I hope you know that lots of people would like to give you a great big hug, but our prayers and best wishes will just have to do for now.   Mrs. Cotter

Laura- You are always in our prayers and we hope someday soon that we can grant you your wish.  We think of you often.

terry & Nancy
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