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March 19,
     Hi all! Hope all are keeping warm! Mother Nature just wanted us to know
she has the last word on the weather!!! SNOW......
Well, it has been quite another week! The concert at Avon High School was beautiful! Everyone did a beautiful job. It was so special to have Mr. Jay Dixon and the select choral students from Wamaga High school come and perform "Children of the Heavenly Father". This was a piece that was composed for Mr. Dixon's co- choir member when he was in college. This piece was for Greta Frank who had cancer and was in the choir. This song gave Greta much hope and strength as she fought the cancer. And now this song was sung for my Laura! What an honor......
This choir also did a car wash fund raiser and raised a large sum of money!
We are so touched to think that these high school students would be so kind to someone they do not know! But because of the concert, now met Laura. Thank you!!
Also, Cans for Kids also surprised us with a gift check! Look for the truck by Stop and Shop in Simsbury Commons . Bring those cans into them to help other kids!  Again, THANK YOU!
And of course, to my Avon Community! I do not know where to begin. But I will start with Ms. Jackie Pruett. Your idea and talent allowed the blossoming of a most beautiful concert. I saw people there I have not seen in years-but came out to support this event. A lady named Florence was there -- she does not drive at night any more-but made herself drive to this.
You help me Jackie, to know that we are not alone in this. And of course, thank you to all the participants-from all ages and backgrounds! What a union of people. And then Lilian Weigel for the hard work on the program book that came out so beautiful. And then the job of getting the tickets sold! that was done by Janet Polesel. Now, for those who were able to make it-you may have seen the great bake goods that our neighbor Anne Boychuk displayed. I understand that the school PTO parents made the treats! And then, thank you to the parents who surprised me with soliciting sponsoring ads in the program-another big thank you! And then to the audience -- without you and your enthusiasm and spirit it would not be the same.
Jolie, thank you for always being there for us and with us! And Larry and Joan for keeping an eye on us and of course always bringing a camera for these special events! The Kayans and the Buonome family who are as Aunts and Uncles and cousins to us! I will stop here or you will not have time to read!
God is very good to us and has sent us all of you!

As for Laura's performance. I am so proud of her! Her presence when dedicating her song to Nikki on the stage was so beautiful. She spoke and sang from her heart. Joelle and I sat there watching her while holding hands. On my other side was Gail -Nikki's Mom. My other hand held hers and we were tearful again!  We were so pleased that both her parents and Grandma Lil and friends of Nikki's were there. We know Nikki is there with us...

Now, on a more serious tone -- before Laura got sick I had a blood test to be a bone marrow donor. (For some reason I cannot give blood -I get 3/4 of a bag and pass out!) I remembering thanking God that this was not a worry for me but maybe someday I could be a donor for someone. Little did I know what was ahead for me......as many know Laura has had many blood and platelet transfusions. If the "demon" becomes active again she will have to have a bone marrow transplant. There is another Avon High school student who is going through that process now. If you can find it in your heart and time-please consider these gifts of life!
Remember, March 25 at Avon Fire Department on Darling Drive is a blood and bone marrow drive. Please consider it. Thanks
Also, keep this young student in your prayers as well.

So, Nancy and Ellen - what is for dinner Wednesday? Thank you for always being there too!
Wednesday of this week it will be particularly helpful as this is the week she will have a little more chemo!

Those of you who want to attend a Passion Play for the Holy season-you can do so. The Youth group of St., Anne 's is presenting one this Saturday at 7:30 PM. Tickets can be purchased at the door or at St. Anne's.
Both Joelle and Laura are in this!
Well, this is my update! Take care and God Bless you all.

March 13
  Hi All
It has been quite a week for us! Laura was on Fox 61 new to focus Elise for the jewelry line that she does for Laura and then We were on channel 8 for the concert both on the 11 PM news and then the morning news. Today we found a beautiful article about the concert in the Hartford Current in the town section.
And, yes Laura will be singing a solo at this. This is the song that she sang at the funeral for her friend NiKki who died from cancer January 1st. We are so excited that Nikkei's family will be there to hear Laura sing the song again. Laura is dedicating it to NiKki. As always, Joelle was there helping me make things look nice for the TV crew! Both she and I were on the news too!
Laura was finally off the crutches the last couple days until this afternoon when she slipped on the step! So until we get into Hartford tomorrow morning, she is back on crutches! I think she will be OK!
Any way, have to go now and get some work done!

Feb 28
  Hi all! Can you imagine -- it is the last day of February!
Tomorrow Joelle will be 11 years old! Where does the time go?
If you have time -post her a Happy Birthday message on her site on this -- she will love it! She is very happy about tomorrow-and the good thing is that we have no crisis! This is the first week that Laura does not have any appointments in a long time! Today Laura went to the high school for chorus-she always comes back happy. Her schooling at home is going well-We are so lucky to have the home teachers. Laura has a cooking class at home-to our benefit!!!!! First item is Minestrone soup! Well, have to get back to work now! Paper work is always here to do.....
Enjoy spring!

Feb 23
   Hi All! Hope all who had a winter break had a good one! Make-a-Wish came and talked to Laura. She gave them two wishes and they will see if either can be
possible. The first one is to meet and make a CD with Faith Hill and have it marketed and the second one is to swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii with Josh Hartman - a handsome actor from Pearl Harbor Movie! We shall see!
Joelle had a week with the Squillaro family in NJ. She had a great time-but I missed her so! It was the first time she was gone without Laura being in crisis!
I finally found out why I have not met parents with Laura's cancer-the reason is that she falls into the 1% category that gets this type of cancer. Last week-ironically after I found out how rare it is, Laura was introduced to a visiting doctor in training from Poland, and Laura's doctor said it was very rare what she had. Funny, that discussion never came up before!
We are excited about the music fund raiser concert at Avon High school in March. We hear the music is going to be beautiful! Nikki's parents are coming up for it too. Also the chiropractors from the sports diplomate program are planning something with NYCC for us in May. These events are of financial help of course due to the many days I have not been at work at times when Laura has had crisis but also for other expenses that occur. But more important, it is a reminder for her that we are not alone. She loves getting the Wednesday meals that Ellen Goebell and Nancy Ketchiff arrange from our community neighbors! And then, she loves the surprise from Anne Boychuck on most Fridays!
As for Laura, she is looking good! Her hair is growing back for the third time- she looks cute with her new hair do! She has 2-3 more weeks of crutches and we will then see how the pain is. So far it is better, however. Later she will need a hip replacement on the other hip .....As a result of the avascular necrosis they had to take her off of the high monthly steroids. She is so cooperative-and takes all of her vitamins-some times a meal in itself!
Well, have to get them up. Laura wants to sit in her Spanish class today and Joelle is back to school!
Love, Mom

February 9
Well hello everyone!
Life gets crazy at times.....This past week was difficult-Laura had what appears to be the flu and Joelle came home from a field trip with a stomach bug. Both scoring high fevers.......I not sure where to sleep so I bounced from room to room.
Well, as they were getting better a dear elderly friend got very ill and Phyllis and I took him to the hospital via ambulance. Then I get a call that Laura has to be admitted due to a positive blood culture having staff due possibly to the port a cath in her.....So I had to find someone for Joelle and take Laura. She will be in for a few days.....Well, I think it is all too much for Joelle and she started not feeling well. So tonight I will leave Laura at ccmc and take care of Joelle.....
Wish I could divide myself.......Well things have and could be worse and they are not. Please keep your prayers for us and all the families in this battle. It affects
all. God Bless

Jan. 30.2002
   GREAT NEWS!!! Laura's hip is feeling great -no pain in it and the pathology report came back negative for any of those bad cells in the hip!
She has to stay with crutches for the next several weeks. This Saturday should be fun for her at the school semi!

January 27
Hello all!
    Laura is doing well. She will see the surgeon for post op on Wednesday. Hopefully, we will get a good report! Her hip is feeling better, so that is definitely on the up side.  We are eager to find out about the other hip and the path lab report! This week we also met with a lovely pediatric endocrinologist. She is evaluating Laura bone problem from the chemo. The good news there is that Laura is not as osteopoenic as first thought. She will continue to monitor Laura on this because it is very different from adults to children.
Meanwhile, of course, Laura is getting Chiropractic, acupuncture, energy work, homeopathy from Dr. Mazur (whom Laura call Aunt Nancy), nutritional work and many other good complimentary things to the chemo care.
Laura is busy planning the semi formal next week. She has a pretty new dress and a new friend from Uncle Phil's office is coming up for the weekend and will go too! She seems to have a lot of theater talents. They will be going out to dinner with a group and then to the dance. Yes, dance, Laura will have the crutches and wheel chair with her!
And Joelle, she is planning her birthday next month and how old 11 is!  Right now she has the flu so I am trying to keep the two separated!
Take care everyone!

January 19
Well Laura is home from CCMC . She has quite a bit of pain but is under pain control some now. She cannot put any weight down on the leg for 8 weeks. This is an attempt to save the one hip. It is questionable as to if this will save it but it will reduce some bone pressure for her. Joelle is home too, she is a great help.
We are blessed to have so many caring people. Thank you

 Hi all, hope every one managed in our "big" snow storm!
Laura went to CCMC Saturday to be part of a commercial for teens at CCMC. She was happy to be part of this since she is working for that teen room on MS8!
We have a little stressful information...The fractures in her femur head are starting to cause problems. The left femur head has started to collapsed. She will probably have to address this by hip replacement. The right one is still intact so within 7 to 10 days she will be operated on to try to save the hip. It has a 50% chance to save it....needless to say this is another set back. She was worried that she may not make the semi formal in Feb-but she should make it and she can dress up the crutches!!!!So, to cheer us up we went shopping!
And in 45 min. she found her dress for the semi!  Now to find shoes!
Also, Aunt Mona (my sister) came up to lift my spirits. It was a nice calm visit just hanging out and getting a few errands down.
Relax the Back gave Laura a present for her bed so she is better supported in a reclined posture and off her hips. It was so good, she worked on her homework all day and felt supported and restful.
Jolie's husband Craig is having his musicians work on the song Laura sang for Nikki. Then Laura will sing the song with them while they record Laura singing!
So, Nikki's Mom will have a memory CD of Laura singing! We are so happy about this! By the way, I just heard that Craig's jazz band CD is doing great! Someone in Italy already bought it!
Joelle had a nice weekend too! She had company Fri. and played with a friend on Saturday and on Sunday she went swimming at Health Trax with another good friend.
We will keep you updated on the hips. But please keep your prayers for this unexpected chemo side effect.

Jan 7, 2002
Hello every one,
We had quite a week end. As many of you read, our good friend Nikki passed on and ended her battle. This was difficult for us to know and love Nikki and watch and imagine what the family had to go through. New Years afternoon we were privileged to say good bye to Nikki and entered the families sacred space for a few minutes those last few hours the family had with her. I remember how protective I was about My Dad his last day......Nikki even woke and raised her hand for Laura in a gentle way. In a faint voice she thanked me when I told her I loved her. This is a wonderful family, for example, even in their moment of sadness they cared and worried for and about Laura.....
At the church, Laura sang a beautiful song to Nikki-she made the tears flow again. I think Nikki helped her with this because suddenly her voice became powerful and she had a sudden transformation in confidence singing from her heart. This was Laura's first solo since being diagnosed.
Joelle was with us at Mass also, which I was grateful for her company.
On Friday, we had a blowout on the highway when we were going to CCMC to meet the radiation doctor. We arrived and she said she went over all of Laura's records and decided that radiation would not be needed after all -a sudden switch from 2 weeks ago!!!!!!  I was happy, because I have been concerned about Laura handling it with her AVN problem! So now, it is take care of the bone problems from the chemo and continue for the next 16 months with maintenance chemo. (of course, I call it high maintenance)

Jan 3, 2002
  Hello everyone! I hope the holidays went well for most! As many of you know, we lost a dear friend to cancer-NiKki was also a patient at CCMC. One of the nurses asked Laura to go in and talk with Nikki because she was down from the treatment. Well, she did and then they started e-mailing and then their friendship and understanding of each other took off. It is with deep pain that we feel Nikki's leaving the earth, but we already know that Nikki will be there as a Chemo buddy angel.
As for Laura, she is doing well she is on her last long phase of chemo - 1 year 4 months more! Jan 4th she will meet the radiation doctor -she is supposed to have this for 5 days low dose on the original tumor sites. This is much better than the cranial and vertebrae radiation that was originally planned for. Instead she will have more spinal methyltrexate.
Well, keep your prayers for us and for Nikki's family. God Bless all of you.

December 21,
Hello everyone! So the holiday countdown is here! We lost some time because Laura had some problems with her leg. I thought the demon was back -- but it ended up that it is multiple stress fractures in her femur head on both sides. This is due to the chemo. So she has to not walk which is difficult for her-in time it should improve. I have had little time to do any shopping but again we are blessed. My friends Phyllis, Linda and Holly went out on a shopping mission for me for Laura and Joelle. Joelle was taken shopping twice for family presents. And then tonight came a gifts after gifts for Laura and Joelle. I am not sure of every thing, but I heard that it was by Pine Grove-Thank you Pine Grove- I wish you could see their faces!!!!!!
This was a hard time at clinic for me emotionally. A few of our new chemo friends have not good news-and this is what stands out among all the ones who have good news. It breaks my heart and grabs at the heart of my soul and the whole time I fear for my own child. These children and young adults have an awareness that is so different....
On a more up beat level, we were on NBC30 five thirty news for the importance of blood donations. Laura was profiled to tell her story even Joelle and I got in on it!
Well, every one, please take care of your self and be safe. God Bless all of you!

December 13

Hi all! 
Well, Laura is back in the hospital for pain down her leg and to find out why. Suddenly, her leg had pain and she could not walk-similar in the area where she had pain when first diagnosed. Needless to say, my heart has been in my throat. This pain started last Wednesday, and we were in the ER on Sunday. She finally had to be admitted for pain. As for the good news, the MRI, CT-scan have been negative for cancer.
She had been scheduled for a spinal tap and bone marrow test, so now they are doing a few more tests on the bone marrow. Those results will be the beginning of the week. Tomorrow she will have an EMG and bone scan. The scan is to make sure there is no infection.
Joelle has been at the Kayan and Falsey's home. Family friends are so good to us!
Joelle is also happy about a class mate of hers being named as the winner of the
fund raiser being held for Laura in May. The name will be "Unite for a Friend"
A pretty good name if I do say so! She won 4 tickets to the wolf pack game!
Well, have to go now. Say a prayer that all is well!

December 2,
     Can you imagine that-people were riding in convertibles with tops down yesterday on the first day of December!!!! Because of the warm weather, Laura was able to help me with Joelle and Jolie to start to put up the Christmas lights on the outside.
We received a lot of calls this week about the wonderful article that was about Laura and the community in Avon Life.  Lisa, you did a story that was very special about her!
Next Friday Laura will light the torch for Kid for Kids. She is honored to start the season this way. Next week she will participate as she can in the Madrigal. So, you see, there is a lot of "fun" things for her next week! Of
course, as always this is count dependent!
This past Friday the teen group made a delicious stone soup for us! We heard they had a good time preparing this. Thank you to the teens and adults who participated. This type of support lifts Laura's spirits!
Right now Laura is on a chemo break until her counts-absolute neutrophiles and platelets are up high enough to start the next phase of chemo. This should be in a couple more weeks. At that time she will have a bone marrow and spinal fluid check for those "bad" cells!!! Mean time it is blood tests and careful monitoring of her surroundings.
I hope everyone is enjoying the season!

November 19
Hello All! Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have MANY people, churches and organizations to be thankful to!  Laura hat her last ARAC shot Sunday -a celebration in itself! She will have a few more days of TG nightly and then her body is given a chance to rebuild her counts. When the counts are up she will have a spinal and bone marrow test. With
this will begin maintenance form of her chemo-actually, I call it high maintenance! If things continue to go right, her chemo should stay the same for the 2 years! I will keep you posted when this time arrives of course!
Sunday night we had the pleasure of being guests and going to the Goodspeed Opera House for a musical with Laura's friend NiKki and her Mom. Prior to this we went out to dinner -- it was a pleasant evening that we were trying to do when both girls could do it! We were celebrating their birthdays-they are 4 days and a year apart! Joelle had the fun of staying at Kelsey's home for a sleep over!
Well, I best get the day rolling-God bless all of you. And enjoy your Thanksgiving!

November 11,

Hi all,
Well, not too surprising, Laura is uncomfortable with this new phase --
but no pain like the last phase. Her energy is low now. She gives herself the chemo shots. These are four days a week plus pills at night daily. Next Thursday she will have the MRI and the same chemo plan.
Lisa, a reporter from Avon Life has been following Laura. There will soon be a nice article about her. Lisa is a very nice reporter with a nice way with Laura.
The jewelry sale is going well. So far Elise Rosenstock's jewelry sale of the Laura line went well -- orders can still be taken thru Elise or Laura.
Thursday we got home about 8pm and I was feeling sort of low and alone-just because.....(I know I am not alone-but I was feeling like I was)
Anyway, I went out to the mail box and there was an envelope addressed to me. I opened it up and there was an anonymous American Express gift check for $100. They said they wanted Laura to be singing again and they are praying for her and us. 
Now,  I would have appreciated it any day of course, but to find this this particular evening reminded me that I am not alone and God has his angels with us. So, who ever left that surprise, thank you! The timing could not have been better for me.
Well, take care all

November 7

Hello all!
Well, Laura's blood count is up enough to start the next chemo!
Thurs. will be all day! We prays for God's direction of this chemo.
We will keep you posted, but Laura may be a little "under the weather"
Have a good day!

October 31
Happy Halloween!
Well, Laura had her blood test today, but did not qualify for Chemo tomorrow!
So this will give her another week to get stronger. I hope everyone has a safe evening. We have about 45 pumpkins on our front yard! Thanks to Leslie Chaput and all the people who helped with it-they look good great lit up at night.


October 29,
Hello every one -- hope all is well. Laura had 75% dose this past week. It was not as painful as before but instead of affecting her legs it went to her head. The worse is over, but it is still painful. If she makes count Thursday she will have a full day of another combination of Chemo. If you are local-have you seen our front yard?
We have about 43 pumpkins to light up at night! I could not do our regular carving /food drive party this year. So, Leslie Chaput had a farm donate pumpkins!  Laura, Joelle, friends, patients and of course, Leslie's and her husband carved pumpkins! We have fun watching people walk the front yard looking at all of them!
Now Joelle goes out with me to light them up! They looked great last night.
Hope everyone has a good Halloween!

Hello every one!
Well, I now have a 14 year old child and a 10 year old one!
I cannot believe how the time goes.....I am so proud of them.
Laura has been doing well. The half dose worked good enough so could enjoy her birthday. She really enjoyed the school coming and singing. After her choir concert, she was so happy that she said she did not want to leave the school that night. The high school is really helping her to feel that it IS her school and not her "friend's school"! She is still quite swollen but that should go down a little now that the steroids are gone for a little while.
Wednesday is full dose again - I pray it will not be hard again. She always has a good attitude!  In November she will have a full MRI - so far so good!
Joelle helped me put the fall Halloween Lights out -- she was a great help with this project. They were happy that I kept the tradition up. Just, no party this year....
Will write again soon. Enjoy the beauty of fall!

Oct 9, 2001
Hi All,
It has been a difficult couple of weeks for Laura. One of the chemo drugs had a side effect that Laura ended up with. It was severe pains in the leg. Sunday she finally had to be admitted for this. In the middle of the night Joelle went to our neighbor's home-the Boychuk's to sleep She and they were great about it. Joelle got to see that she did not have to be afraid of their 3 dogs!!!!!
This week end is the night time golf tournament by the youth ministry at St. Anne Church. Sounds like they are planning a special time to benefit Laura. Joan Gould has been the master mind for this project!  Say a prayer Laura gets home soon and the next chemo  has a pain management for her.

September 26

Hello Every one!
 It has been quite a couple of weeks for the world!
As for Laura-well this has been a hard one. Friday she had a reaction to a med that caused her to hallucinate - she saw all types of horrible visions. As a result she is timid to stay at the hospital alone. As for the chemo, this too has been rough with the usual difficult side affects. Daphne stayed with her Friday morning so I could work. We have been back Monday and Tuesday. She was going to be admitted, but due to fear was afraid, so we were able to work out
hydration and med by IV at home. She was happy about this....
Yesterday, our priest came and gave her Holy Communion. Today, Wednesday she had her teachers come and tonight her Uncle Jimmy is coming up to do acupuncture on her. (He is more experienced in it than I am and so, only wants him! It is their special bond!)
The hair cut a thon was a success! Bobby said everyone enjoyed it. Thank you every one who helped!
Well I have to work now I will keep you all posted.
God Bless All of you and our Country.

September 10,

Hi all!
This Chemo went easier for her in the hospital. Her Oncologist made some adjustments on leukovorin to rescue her-which may have helped. The good news is that we are home for the next 9 days! She will have a nuclear test and blood tests on Thursday - but outside of that, all is well. The Echo for her heart looked great-so we can start the next level of Chemo. This is called re-induction. Another check off!!!!
Laura was happy to hear about all the people that came to the car wash by St. Anne's youth group -- both as volunteers and to have the car wash! She wish she could have been there to watch, but she was admitted for chemo.
This stay Joelle came to the hospital and slept over with us on Friday and Saturday.
It was nice to all be together there. When Laura rested, I could have time with Joelle alone too. On Saturday they had an event on the hospital grounds that Laura and Joelle were able to attend. It was a nice change. The residents put it on.
On Sunday, Laura was feeling good enough to help paint the windows with Joelle on the 8th floor. In October the oncology children will be on the 8th floor. Now they are on the 7th when admitted. We should have had Jenny Bolch with us!!!
Please, keep your praying for Laura. It is important to us.

August 29.2001

Hi everyone again!
Well, Laura's Chemo was a little harder this time - she had little energy to visit with the other oncology patients. The complaining that she did about being hot-well, she was correct! She was so hot that it created 3 inch burn blister on the bottom of a foot! She had quite a lot of pain -- but still cooperated and kept up with her responsibilities.
Our Podiatrist Dr. Richard Grayson helped up with this problem....Next time the Oncologist is going to change some procedures for Laura in the hospital. They will increase the rescue part of this for her.
Right now she is happy -- the Squillaro family is here with us for a few days to prepare for the blood drive. It looks like it is going to be a success both in volunteers as well as blood donors! Friday she will go for Freshman orientation at school -
WOW, High school!!!! If she is up to it she will do part of the first day of school so she can feel what it is like to be with other classes.
Sat. she has Amanda's Batmitzva. And then we are back into the hospital on Thursday! She is doing well with her home tutors. They are both there for Laura and she knows that and respects their advice.
Well, have to end here. Have a nice Holiday weekend!

Dr. Joanne A. Santiago

Well, our train ride to Philadelphia was a good one! We all did well-it was like an adventure for us after all we have been through! The weather held out for us, so I took Joelle and Laura to see the Liberty Bell. That evening she felt very dizzy so we checked into the ER to check her counts. Joelle was good -- finally she slept on a chair. At 2:30 AM it was decided that her counts were OK so we went to our hotel.
The room was great! U of P has 3 floors of room in a medical building that is connected to the hospitals by a walking bridge. As for our meeting, it went well. Dr. Meadows said that we are receiving the best there is to offer medically and she seems to be doing well. If we ever need to use a transplant donation it would not be for at least 31/2 years -( who knows what will be out there by then!)
Uncle Phil met us there for the appointment, which was helpful and nice for the company. Laura felt good enough to sit upfront with him in his airplane so we did not take the train home. We got home before it was time for the train to leave!
Our dear neighbor Uncle Larry was there to pick us up at the Simsburry airport.
Last Thursday we went to Watch Hill-the Ocean is so good for all of us!
Thursday Laura will be back in the hospital for her next round for a few days.
The plans for the blood drive honoring Laura is going well. Check Laura's journal for the date and times. Volunteers are needed!
Keep your prayers going for her -- we believe that is the most important thing and that she receives God directed Chemo!
Enjoy the day!

August 12, 2001

Hi All!
Well, we are all home again! It always feels good. My neighbors watch the house and the pets, staff keeps the office running. Things went better this time until she had an allergic reaction to a new drug for her. She was uncomfortable but is better now. Tomorrow we may have to stop at the clinic because of this before leaving for the train to go to Children's hospital of Philadelphia. We have an appointment with an important lady in pediatric lymphoma, thanks to Steve! Also, should Laura need stem cell or bone marrow donation from Joelle in the future, we will have seen the place. They do not do that here-only Boston, so Philadelphia is better for us due to NJ family! Well, keep your prayers going for us that it is a good informative and maybe a fun trip!

Dr. Joanne A. Santiago

August 7.2001
     Hi again everyone! Laura is doing well -- when she feels well she has started her high school classes at home. They work with her daily when she can. It has been good for her! Bobby our hairdresser is talking about doing a cut -a -thon for Laura's benefit-she said it will be fun! $10. a haircut!
As for tonight, there is a training session for the volunteers who are helping Anthony Squillaro do a blood drive on August 29 at St. Anne's Church hall. Anthony wanted to do something to help Laura and people like her. So as an Eagle Scout Service Project, he decided to run a blood drive with the Red Cross and dedicate it to Laura.
If you want information about it Anthony can be reached at 306-6757.
Laura will be back in the hospital this Thursday for a few days. Our friend Robin Salerno is taking Joelle this time. She will have fun-there is a pool in the yard and Aunt Robin always is up to something! Plus, she will check on CO-CO and visit us...
Keep sending her cards, or e-mailing her. And of course, keep the prayers going for us. Thanks for checking in on us!