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I am glad that Laura has your strength and determination, with the help of the man above and all our prayers we will give this awful disease a run for its money. Stay well my friend and give Laura and Joelle a big kiss from us.
Love you
Nidia and Joe


Hi Joanne,    
So happy to hear of Laura's progress.  She is an inspiration to all!  Vintristine was one of the treatments I was given, and it worked for me.  I will be praying very specifically for her wound healing, no infection, and remission. I'll be sure to say extra prayers on Thursday.
    I picture Laura healthy every day...running along a beach with her sister and enjoying her high school years with her friends.  All of her friends continue in prayer for her.  Please give Laura my love and tell her I will come to see her some time this week.
    God's blessings be upon all of you,


Hi Joanne and Laura, 
Thank you for your congratulations on my award. 
My students make it so easy to teach and to love music.  I feel so blessed to have all of them in my life.  The award is the Educator of the Year, given by the student government, and not to be confused with the Teacher of the Year award, as voted by colleagues.  It is truly an honor to be recognized by the students.  I must admit I was stunned and it took me a moment or two to realize they had called my name and that I
should get up and accept it! ha
I want you to know that I think of you everyday and continue to hold you in my prayers.  I pray that Laura is pain free and at peace.  Give each other a hug for me.    
I hope to do it myself really soon!
Love to all, Jackie

Hi Joanne:

I know this has been a rough journey for Laura, you, Joelle and the entire family.  However, please know that our love and prayers are with you.  While there is life there's hope.  The power of prayer is tremendous.  We'll keep praying.

Dina and Jim McGreevey

Dearest Joanne, Laura, and Joelle,                                                                   
The whole world is cheering for you!!  And the Heavens are too.  I can just hear Nikki, cheering you on ....Go Laura...I know you can do it!!!!  We continue to send our prayers and positive energy your way.  I will be at Hartford Hospital in the morning for a conference and will stop up and check at the nurses station to see if you are up for a quick visit shortly after noon.  Love and lots of Hugs coming your way...Gail, John, Jessica, Natalie and Nikki angel

Joanne-   Just want you to know I am thinking of you and praying for Laura,  for you, and for Joelle.   Wishing you all comfort, strength, and peace.   Tina Cotter

My oldest dearest friend. There are no words to express my feelings. Just know that you and your two special angels are very loved. Laura is an amazing child, I believe that with all our prayers we will help her get through her rough days.
You are always on my mind.
Love Nidia

Dear Joanne:
I'm so sorry to hear about the problems Laura has been having.  I wish I were there to give you a hug...  We'll be praying for Laura.   Thinking of you often,  Anne, Bill and Mara Dauphin

Dear Joanne,

I will pray for the three of you.  If there is anything we can do - big or small, just let me know.  Some of what you are going through has touched my family in the past - somehow, you faith will get you through.

Thank you for taking the time to write - and know that so many people are thinking of you and praying for you.



  I'm so happy that things are looking a little brighter for the moment.  I was so worried...  Send my best wishes to Laura!  We all love her! ~Torie Eells


Dearest Joanne...Such a rollercoaster ride.It just seems neverending.  Laura is so brave and so strong and so is her mommy.  I know how much you are hurting.  I know you 'feel' Lauras pain and would take it for yourself if only God would give you the gift of making your daughter better and giving you the burdon of her illness.  It just doesn't make any sense, to see our children suffering so horribly.  But I also know your LOVE is sustaining Laura.  YOU are the best mommy!!!  It shows because you have the best daughters!  Call me anytime you need to, it doesn't matter if its 3 am.  I can come whenever you need me.  We are sisters in this together, bonded by our love for our precious girls.  Love Gail

My Dear Friend -
I'm so sorry to learn of the news that Laura's cancer is resistant to the chemo. She is such a trooper to continue this miserable fight but knowing Laura her choice to fight on is for all of us who have been praying for her.  She is so very special and we love her and always will.
But... miracles do happen and continue to happen.  We have faith in her decision and our prayers are ever more so much powerful. We send our good energies and positive thoughts in the hope that Laura's miracle comes to pass.
Joanne - I love you and respect you and pray for you and your daughters.  Big Italian hugs go out to you all.
Love    Jacci


Hi Joanne,

Dr. Gina Carucci was here this morning to sign checks and gave me a brief update regarding Laura's condition.  Please be advised that I have created (and will personally deliver this morning) a letter to my Pastor (Reverend John Corgan - Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hartford) asking for the prayers of our entire congregation for Laura.

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain everyone in your family has been experiencing during this past year plus.

You, Laura, and Joelle are in our prayers constantly and I cannot begin to tell you how many calls we have received asking how our members can be of assistance to you in your time of need.


As always, she is in our prayers. The churches in our area, over 200 mile radius, have added her to their prayer chain.
I sent her some stones that the local priest blessed, along with some more postcards that will hopefully make her smile. Sent one to Joelle too since I didn't think she should be left out.
Love, Barb


Ann has place Laura's picture with the relic of St. Maria Goretti we have from Ann's Aunt who was a nun in St. John's NFLD .. this relic has saved many a fisherman in those storms in the North Atlantic ..... should you need help from me just let me know ... Pat Clark


Joanne and girls, the sun tried real hard to shine today and just once it broke through the sky.  Just like Laura and you it fought and made it through the dark and gloomy clouds.  May the sun shine through brighter and stronger for you guys.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you today and always.  Keep believing;  Love the crazy tutor

Please give your girl a kiss from us, our prayers are strong behind her!!!! 
                          Much love, Cathy, Amanda and family 

Dear Joanne,

My son Chris was in your CCD class several years ago.  I pray for you and your girls every day.  Your courage and grace, and Laura's is more inspirational than you can know.  May God continue to be with you and give you strength.
Maryellen Prudhomme

We wanted to let you know Laura, you and Joelle are in our  hearts and prayers at all times....day and night!  And apparently many other people must be loving and praying for you all....there seem to be about 100 people "checking up"
on you guys each day through this website.  Thank you for letting us know how you all are.  Hang in there...we love, we pray and we hope!!! 
                                       Mary& Ken

Joan just called.  My heart is aching for you.  Tell Laura we love her and know that we are here for all of you.  Just ask.
The kids, Ed and I give you our word and promise to do everything within our power to care for and be supportive to Joelle.


I just received a call from Larry and Joan.  Please tell Laura we are praying for her and we wish her only good things.

I understand this is going to be very hard but Laura has to feel good that she is making her own decisions because she is still so strong in spirit.  God is good to his devout children.  Laura is certainly in that group.

Joanne you and Joelle are her support group and she cannot have a stronger two some.  The rest of us are here for all of you.  We all wish we could do more than pray but if that is what you need than we will pray harder.  I still wish you good days and wonderful times together.  Lots of Love, Anne

HI Auntie Joanne:
On behalf of the Ngos I wanted you to know that we are always thinking of you and your girls. May you have the strength and energy to get through these difficult times. Please know that we are will always be here for you and the girls. Feel free to call upon us anytime, day or night. Hang in there...keep fighting the good fight. Love from all to all. -The Ngos


hi there just wanted to drop a note to your daughter an yourself,i read the article in the hartford courant mon and was touched she sounds like a tough ,ambitious,motivated young woman , i hope you and your family find the strength and will to fight this battle, its a battle that can be won ....my family's thoughts and prayers are with you ..
      p.s i will get to n.b.p.d. to donate blood in her honor ,it's my priviledge .
                                              godspeed to you an yours
                                                     marshall      from west hartford



If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On the days youíre feeling blue
If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone;
If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea
But all these things Iím finding
Are impossible for me.
I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be what I know best
A friend thatís always there.

..................... I thought you could use a hug.

Joanne, we are thinking of you daily.....and your two special treasures.   I hope the prayers of one mother to another will help you through today and tomorrow.
My love,

Paula d

Joanne, I am so sorry to hear this news---I just don't know what to say.....my heart is breaking to hear this news-yet I am glad to know that Laura wants to continue to fight this demon.......we will say all the healing prayers we know and get everyone to pray with us.  I wish I were able to put my arms around you and give you a hug. know that our love, our hearts and prayers are with Laura.   love, Darcy


Doctor A little note to say I love you all. God will bring faith and hope to all of us. God bless you Love Jolie


This becomes more difficult to bear each day....especially for Laura, her mom and Joelle.  Laura had certainly proven that she is a fighter.  I know she will give it her best shot.  I am here to help with whatever I can help with.  Our prayers continue to send positive energy Laura's way.  We love her.  love, Nikkis mom, Nikkis angel, John, Jessica and Natalie

I know that you are all busy praying for Christina, but I have another huge favor to ask. Could you please pray hard for our dear friend Laura Santiago.

We met Laura (age 14) at the hospital about a year ago. She was diagnosed with lymphoma about 6 months after Christina's diagnosis, went into remission, and finished her intense chemo about the same time as Christina. As of a couple of months ago she was on maintenance and was due to finish about the same time as Christina. Unfortunately, she had a relapse and will need a bone marrow transplant. The good news is her sister is a perfect match, but she needs to go into remission again before the surgery.  After a very heavy duty round of chemo, Laura and her family just found out today that she did not go into remission.

Laura has been to hell and back several times through all this chemo but she is still determined to fight. She is one of the strongest people I know, and it amazes me considering her sweet and loving personality.

We all know the wonder of prayer and I know that God will listen to us if we all pray hard for her and her Mom, Joanne. Thank you and God bless.

Love Colette

Hi Joanne, just checking in to say that someone is thinking of you all.  What amazing power there is in the strength of people.  It is truly remarkable to  know that the love of a child can touch many.  Please know we are all thinking and praying for a speedy recovery so you can have your little girl back.  Love to all of you, jenn

Hi Joanne,
I walked 2 hours last night .. 10 -> 12pm .. in the Relay for Life in Cheshire.  What a beautiful experience.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that were there .. walking, talking, camping .. supporting the American Cancer Society!   Like others, I visit Laura's web site everyday.  I've been reading "Mom's Journal" and hopefully we'll be reading something from Laura in the very near future!   You and your entire family are always in my everyday thoughts and prayers.  God Bless.  Lisa Swanson


Hang in there Joanne.  You are the rock of your family.  It sounds like you may be turning the corner with her.  Our hopes and prayers are with your Boston adventure. -  Somehow I can't see you with a Boston accent.  You've just got a little too much New Jersey girl still in you!
All our love,


Dear Jo, I just wrote an e-mail to Laura explaining that for some reason it is difficult to access this website at times, but I guess thankfully it was meant to be...I have been calling your answering machine at home as silly as it sounds it is still comforting just to hear your voice on the message.  I am not going to even try to guess how you are doing going from minute to minute, but as I told Laura in her e-mail we are ordering a GIANT rainbow with lots of love and sunshine (platelets too!!) to bath all of you in.  I am sure that our four angels are working overtime making sure that everything works out perfectly and we all live happily and healthily ever after!!  If you want me to come you know that I am on the next plane just say the word!!  I am waiting for the first message from you to say we are on the mend and all counts are go and then for the next message pick us up at the airport we are coming in for a great vacation with three healthy Santiagos!!  Hang in there....I send you love and hugs...now and forever....Love always, ME

Joanne: I just read your journal entry dated today.  I want to donate blood in Connecticut the next time I am up which should be either the 15th and/or the 19th.  I will try to get in touch with Susan at the Amer. Red Cross to see where I can. Tell our Laura to fight that pneumonia bug.  I called the house since Larry told me Joelle would be there with Jolie today.  She sounded very good, and was getting ready for her soccer match.  You Santiago women are amazing! I know God is watching over each of you with His many blessings.  I don't have to tell you how fortunate you are to have so many caring, wonderful people surrounding you all as well.  Some Angels never leave the ground.  God Bless you all.  Much love, The Squillaro's

I received Laura's web site address from a St. Ann's choir email.  I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and praying for your family.  I often wonder how you are doing as I drive past your house on my way to my father's.  Hang in there.  Your strength and faith are amazing.  Thank you for sharing it.  My prayers are with you. 

Lisa Salvatore

Dear Joanne, I am waiting on Craig to get home. In just a few minutes we will be taking the motor home over to the track. The Rotarians are ready to walk! You can be assured that you and the girls are upper most in our minds. Together we will STOP this dreaded disease. You give our sweetheart a big Rotary Hug and you tell her we are surrounding her with love .....she needs to hang in there and continue to give it her very best ........today as I was driving to Rotary,I was praying that every drop of rain would hold a miracle for all those that we love so deeply. Joanne, our love is always with you. Need to run.......WALK. Love you, Nancy

Dear Joanne,
    My heart aches with yours.  I am so sorry...so very sorry... to hear Laura has pneumonia.  I know how exhausting and scary this can be for both of you.  When I was going through suffering after suffering during my cancer journey,  my Mom would just keep telling me I was a survivor and I was going to be OK.  She also kept telling me how much God loved me...that He had plans for me.  She said she didn't know what His plans were...but they were good plans.  My Mom's words of encouragement and her constant love gave me such great strength and peace of mind.   I knew that no
matter what happened to me, I was loved by her and by God.  A greater gift, no one could give a child.
    You are an awesome Mom, Joanne!  Don't ever underestimate the power of your love for your daughter!  She is so blessed to have you by her side.
    With All My Love and Many Prayers,

Hi Joanne: I just spoke with Larry today and read your Journal as well.  Please know we are all praying for you and the girls.  Keep your faith and let it give you strength.  Love, The Squillaro's  xxxxooo

Ann and I are thinking of you ... we have been reading your daily
up-dates ...
let us know what we can do  ... you don't have to ask  we want to help
doing whatever ...
Pat and Ann Clark

Everyday we read "Mom's Journal" on Laura's web site.
Our love and prayers are with you, Laura and Joelle. 
Dorothy, John and Lauren McCoy

I don't know what to say.   I think of you and your girls often. We love you and are praying for you and Laura. 
Love, Toni

Joanne -
just want you to know i love you and i thinking and praying for both you and Laura and Joelle every day - so is mom.............hang in there my friend.
always, Karen  xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God help you and yours though this terrible time.  Barbara Millerick

Not to keep filling your inbox, but, I was in pheresis yesterday and they
were talking about this young girl who needed a lot of white cells.  I said,
I know who you are talking about and told them Laura's story.  then I asked
Susan Hacking to share Laura's photo with them.  Now, even more people are
praying for your daughter.  She is making a huge mark on the world.  Those
of us in this field sometimes forget the faces that go along with the
paperwork and the regulations.  Laura is a real face we all care about.
Thank you.

Hello Darling Friend -

I'm praying very hard for all of you at this juncture.  It is soooo hard to watch your child in pain and helpless against this horrible monster.  You think "When am I going to wake up from this terrible dream!?" But it only continues.  We love Laura and know she will continue fighting .. if only we could take up her pain and pass it on amongst her supporters so that each of us could help her bear it instead of it being all on her own young shoulders!

Joanne - you are a wonderful MOM and I pray fervently for your strength and stamina.  It hasn't been easy by a long shot and I wouldn't get so personal because you have been a private lady - but anything you need..... please let us try to help.
Our love goes out to you and the girls and the staff at CCMC who are trying so desperately to save Laura.  God Bless You all.

I love you dear lady -        Love      Jacci

Dear Joanne,  I want you to know that we are praying constantly and continue to ask everyone we know to pray.  Find your strength in Jesus and His mother...who also watched her child suffer so much.  We love you, but more importantly He loves you!
                                                                         Mary&Ken B.

May Angels Keep You

May the angels light your morning,
And guide you through the night,

May they comfort all your sorrows,
May they help you win the fight.

May they keep watch over your soul,
And show you better ways,

May they guard you while you're sleeping,
And see you through your days.

May they calm your every fear,
And hear you when you shout,

May they show you bright new hopes,
And still your every doubt.

Sounds like you both have a rough time. Be strong and know things will turn around soon.
With all the people praying, I am confident she will start feeling better.
Thinking of you often.

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