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Dear Dr. Santiago,
    How are you? I have been and will continue to pray for Laura everyday.  Please tell her that I say hi and hope that she feels better soon. I would love to visit her when ever she feels up to it, please let me know.  I miss her sooo much. I admire how much courage and strength you both have. I will talk to you soon, bye.


Hi Joanne -

Sending purple prayers and hugs to all of you.  My thoughts and heart are with you - we are all praying for your family.  It's a beautiful day here and I'm hoping you three can share many more beautiful days.  God Bless you, my friend!  God Bless you all.

Love,   Jacci   xoxoxoxo


As I sit here you are all in my thoughts.  My girls saw purple clouds yesterday and said hi to our special nikkiangel.  I know that she is up there routing you all on.  I am so glad that Laura got to see some fireworks.  You are all so amazing.  Hang in there and know that right now thousands of people are thinking and praying for you all. love the crazy tutor.


Hi Joanne,

I have been away and just received your message regarding Laura.  Our thoughts and prayers will continually be with you, Laura and Joelle.

The strength of your entire family is absolutely remarkable!



Hi Joanne -
Just sending good energy and lots of love to all of you ...and the docs and nurses too.  You are in our thoughts and prayers through this dark day -   We send you sunshine and rainbows
love   Jacci  xoxoxoxoxo

Dear Joanne,
       Know that there are many of us out here that are with you and your girls in this battle. Our prayers and hugs are with you always. We feel your pain and wish we were able to do more that offer support long distance.
       Did Laura get the stones I sent? I had them blessed before sending them. As long as Laura can hang in there, there is always hope for something that will help in her case. My brother-in-law says you have the best doctors available at this point in time but he is keeping a close eye out for anything he thinks can help.
       In the meantime, know that you are not alone. Our prayers are with all of you. Love and big hugs to all three of you,

       P.S. How is your health? Are you taking stress vitamins or anything?

Hi Joanne,
This morning I took a time from my remodeling tasks at home and I went to church.  I was in need of praying.  I prayed for Laura, and I prayed for you.  For Laura, because she is on need of an special strength to fight again the cancer and for you because, as a mother, I know the great pain you must be feeling looking at Laura's suffering.  I am sure that God has listened how hard your friends have beed asking for her recovery.  Don't lose  your faith,  keep strongly.  Love

Hello Joanne,

You don't know me, but I am Gabrielle Murphy's ex-step-mother (complicated stuff), however I want you to know that I am praying for Laura and your family.

I don't know what else to say.  Your journal entries are very sad but beautiful, and your daughter, Laura, is incredible.  I will keep her close in daily prayer.


P.S.  I loved the coffee bean story


Hi Joanne ... sending you one warm hug to gently hold you close.

I don't usually speak for others, I have often said I can only speak for myself in light of my own personal experiences but I am going to include everyone in these thoughts and words.

Laura throughout this time in her life has been an inspiration to us all.  She has expanded the horizons of our minds and our hearts.  What we think and how we feel have been changed forever ... our minds are now open to all possibilities, our hearts are filled with a Love that knows no boundaries because of her courage and determination and unselfishness.  I cannot tell you in mere words what a remarkable gift you and Laura and Joelle have given to those of us who are in this prayer circle.  You brought us together with one thought in mind and we sent and still send our individual requests for support and intercession from our heart in each and every prayer.  I do not believe prayers go unanswered.  I want you to know how much I love you and wish you - all three of you - the very best this life has to offer.  From my heart to yours, Judi 


Dear Joanne:

Just wanted to let you know how much we admire your strength, courage and devotion to Laura.  We are praying for healing for Laura and for you to continue to have strength and courage.  Laura and you have been such terrific examples of devoted Christian love.  We pray for you daily, sometimes hourly and constantly think of you and the terrible pain and hurt which you both are suffering.   Laura is such a wonderful example of a fine young Christian girl and she has already accomplished much in her short life.  We love you and will continue to pray for the 3 of you.  God loves you. 
Karen & Don Harrison



Many people whom you do not know have you, Laura, and Joelle in their hearts and prayers.  You are on our church's prayer-care line which reaches hundreds of people.

Each morning as I walk the high school track, I glance at your house and spend my walk time in fervent prayer for all of you.

My daughter, Karaugh, and I sang in the concert at the high school this past spring.  We loved Laura's voice and her song, and look forward to hearing more songs from her. 

God be with you,

Janet Kochanowski
friend of Nancy Nation and
Member, West Avon Congregational Church


We want to again add our voices and prayers to the chorus of so many people who love and care deeply for Laura, you and Joelle.  Jesus will sustain you, even when things seems impossible.  Our prayer continues for that miracle...relief from pain, remission and ultimately, recovery!  All things really are possible in Christ!
Sending you love, prayer and angels,
Mary, Ken, Elizabeth, Kathryn,
MaryGrace & Matthew


Dear Joanne,
      I read your e-mail with great sadness.   Please know you and Laura and Joelle are in my prayers.   Laura is a tough cookie and is fighting so hard.  Her letter to the editor in the Courant was beautiful, and the fact that she took the time to write it with everything else in her life is evidence of how you raised her.  You are a wonderful Mom and my heart is with you.   

Lil Diachenko


Hi, Joanne,
Thank you for your note on Laura. I am constantly praying for all of you to find the strength that you need right now. As a mother Joanne, my heart goes out to you. We would rather do ANYTHING than see our child suffer. All of you are coping remarkably well with the most difficult situation. Take care. Love, Jane Ellen


Laura is constantly in my prayers and thoughts. With the help of God I am sure she will get better and improve soon. Tell her I love her and Joelle. love grandpa...........


Dear Joanne, my love and prayers are surrounding each of you- Laura, Joelle, and you. Joanne, As much as it is possible, I feel your pain. Remember my song, Ten Thousand Angels? Well, I know there are Ten Thousand Angels there with you now.
My thought keep turning to Lance Armstrong....his condition was every bit as grave as Laura's. The odds that he would pull through were so low and he was so very close to death because of the chemo  and yet, here he is today enjoying life to its fullest.
Miracles do happen and we are praying for just such a miracle. If you need a shoulder to lean on...or cry on, please call. I love each of you like my own family. Nancy


Dear Joanne,

My heart aches for you.  I just wanted you to know that your family is in my prayers.  You are so strong... Just as you are so proud of Laura, you can be sure that she is so proud of you.

Peace of God,
Trish Murphy



Even though you are in the hospital with Laura and keeping watch, know that all your friends are there with you in spirit and heart.  If each of us could take a piece of your worry and bits of Laura's pain - what a miracle we could create.  Jesus will care for His Lamb, Joanne.  He will hear our prayers for Laura and watch over her.

Remember -  Be not afraid.  Lean on Him and He will give you the strength to bear the pain.  I love you Joanne.  God Bless you all.

Love    Jacci    xoxoxoxo


Fight hard Laura! Show that cancer just how tough you are, we and thousands of others will pray for you. We include you in our dinner prayer every evening, you are in our thoughts constantly.
The Bonners


My dearest friend,
I have no words that will make your pain easier to bear. Just know that your New Jersey Family is praying extra hard.
Love you


Thanks for keeping us updated on the website.  My prayers are with Laura, and her family.

I lift up my eyes to the hills from where will my help come?

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. With Christian love and care,


My heart aches so much for you.  I am at a loss to tell you how sad and helpless Ed and I feel at all that Laura, you and Joelle have suffered.  Our prayers are with you all. Please let me know if I can do anything, anything at all that could provide you with some comfort. Laura is such a sweet child - please tell her we love her.

With all my love and support, always

Hi, Doctor You, Laura and Joelle are in my heart and my prayers everyday. I know God is there and he will help you and all of us. There will always be an angel next to Laura bringing love, faith and hope. She is a very strong young lady, a beautifull girl and a wonderful daughter. God bless all of you. Remember, I am here for you Amor Jolie


Our hearts are with yours and our prayers are for you, Laura and Joelle. Hang in there!
Lots of love,


Joanne-   Oh, my heart is breaking for you.  You are suffering every bit as much as Laura.  She is so brave, and neither one of you wants to show the other how hard this is.  Watching our children in pain is unbearable.  You will just get through this somehow, because you have to.   I will pray extra hard for you both.    I know Laura and Joelle will continue to amaze you with their goodness, strength, and beauty.   I hope and pray this new regime of drugs will rid her of this horrible cancer.   The good doctors are trying everything medically possible.  We can only hope and put her in God's hands.  Laura shines with the light of God and she is a fighter!  I hope her strength and her new medicine become her cure.  
Love to you and the girls,  


Hi Joanne
Just a note to tell you I love you and sending you, Laura and family love,
light and lots of grace to carry you through your pain.

Dear Joanne,
We love you so much.  We are pulling for Laura.  She is fighting so hard
to overcome this.  May you all get through this ok.

Love, Mary, Anthony, and Evan

Dear Joanne,  this is the worst pain a mother can ever have.  We are praying and you know there is a special little angel up there who is fighting for Laura....and she will never tire of helping her best friend.  We love you....the giampolo family:)


Emily, Elena, Rick and I are praying for your wonderful daughters and you. I wish there was something I could say that could ease your pain, but all I know how to say is that you and the girls are loved very much.



Dearest Joanne -

My heart aches for you all.  We pray daily for Laura and that the docs find the mix that will help her to fight back.  She is strong in spirit and we are all blessed to know her.  That beautiful face - reflected in all those who love her.  Wednesday is Laura day and I will set apart some part of my day for some reflection and meditation for just her.  We have that pic of her in her dance costume which I've always loved.

We got home last night just before the rains came.  We unpacked in the rain but watched a phenomenal lightning display beforehand.

I'll stay in touch with Linda.  My prayers are for all of you and she will be well again.

I love you dear friend.  

Love,    Jacci xoxoxoxo


Joanne,    I read Laura's article and it is great.  She is truly an amazing young woman.  From the first time I met her, I knew she was a special person. As a young girl she was mature much beyond her young years.  My continued prayers are with you all.  Love,  Laurie

First I would like to say a big thank you to Joelle, who made my day with a beautiful manicure.  Purple and Glitters, our favorite combo.  And you did a great job!!!  I enjoyed having some special time with you Joelle and hope we can get together soon.  Maybe you can come to my house and meet Nala and Tira.  Nala loves kids!    Laura,  you wrote a compelling editorial.  It was from your heart and it showed.  When you feel better I will hire you to write for me!  I hope you are feeling better!!!  WE are sending many prayers your way and I hope you can feel the positive energy that is flowing from my brain and my heart!  We love you.....Ant Gail (as you Jersey folks say!)  Joanne, next lesson,  how do I underline without moving the words??  You can show me someday:)  love me


  Happy 7/4.  Hope you all can see the fireworks.  If not we will set off a bunch here in your honor.  Take care and kiss those girls for us and the editorial was awesome.  love jenn

Hi Joanne. I was happy to see your update. Laura is such a great kid. She's done great things. I missed her editorial. I'll have to look it up on CTnow.com.  I saw you Friday and I have been praying  -- Friday wasn't a good day. Hoping today is better. I loved ( & cried ) reading about how much your daughters love ea other. That's beautiful. I also love to watch ( w/ a cancer mom's eye) my two girls. They way they interact together now is special. Joanne -- strength to you. Enjoy your girls. I pray Laura's recovery moves along and the pain stops. 
Love, The Osterbys 

7/4/02 Joanne-  Just wanted to let you know I was checking in and am grateful for the website to keep me up to date.   Laura's letter to the Hartford Courant was incredible-out of the mouths of babes.  She is so very gifted.   I hope and pray you all see better days.   Tina


Joanne, Laura & Joelle,            
My  prayers I send daily to heaven and my heart and strength I send to you. Please let me know if I can help with ANYTHING.
Karen Rubinow


Dear Joanne, Laura and Joelle,  Today it rained when the sun was shining ... there was a beautiful rainbow just for you.  I know that it has been storming nonstop in your lives.  But I have faith that rainbow is just around the corner.  We love you!  
Aunt Gail, Uncle John, Jessica, Natalie and Nikkiangel:)

Dear Joanne,
We wanted to let you know that the prayers of so many people continue everyday for all of you.  Laura is touching the lives of so many people....far more than she has ever met personally.  Even Matthew (at 4yrs.old)  remembers to pray for "Laura Santiago" every single day! Remember....We love, we pray, we hope!

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