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Dear Joanne, There are no words that I can say, that will  bring the comfort I wish for. When I read your journal, tears flowed as I know was the case for you when you were writing the words "intensive care" and "coded".  I only wish I could wipe your tears ...I could somehow shoulder some of the pain you are feeling. Joanne, I know you are well aware of the tremendous support of people everywhere.....prayers and love surround you and the girls from every direction. Remember the ten thousand angels I told you about, well they are right there with you, as well. And You and I both know, our Lord is never far from our side. You are Not alone! With God all things are possible, we will continue to pray for His guidance for the medical team and His healing presence with you all in whatever ways are needed. with all my love, Nancy


I just wanted to let you know the I am the blood drive coordinator for The Hartford Life building in Windsor.  Imagine my surprise when my Red Cross rep came to our planning meeting for our Sept. drive with posters that had Laura's picture on it.  She also shared with us your website and she had a few pages of your journal copied.

I have since read all three journals and am amazed at the fight that Laura is giving this disease.   She is an amazing young lady.   I still remember the first time I met her when you were nursing her in the old office - it seems like yesterday.

I plan to dedicate our Sept. blood drive to Laura so I will let you know the productive pint results after the drive.

Just to let you know I have also been on the bone marror registry for many years.  I was actually called once to do the subsequent testing as a possible match for a 7 year old boy, but second level matching wasn't there - I was very disappointed.

Every day my prayers are with you, Laura and Joelle as you fight this disease.

   Jane Raulinaitis

Dear joanne  dont give up hope ,.Prayers from this part of the world continue. I feel lost if I was there I could read to her and make her laugh. I closed my eyes and I am reminder how she swamand we gave a medal, or when we went fishing or should i say a long walk up the hill. love jeff

We are praying for you all. Be strong.
Love, Beth



Hi Joanne,   I just read your updated journal and am praying!  We said a special prayer for Laura this morning at Rotary.  I can only imagine how your heart aches.  She is one courageous little girl!  What a wonderful gift for Laura - her dream car!    Prayers & love to you all!   Michelle

Dear Joanne....Hi from Farmingdale, NY (the home town of Mary Bangs, our daughter...by way of introduction).  We just wanted to let you know that we have been following Laura's long journey and we are so amazed at her strong will and determination.  It's been such a long hard fight.    We especially wanted to let you know that countless prayers are winging heavenward daily from this neck of the woods.....both for Laura and for you and Joelle. We have a group here that says the Rosary every morning after Mass and another group that prays the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily....they never forget to pray for her and ask me often for the latest report. Our dear friends, the Monks of St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana are praying also...as well as friends and relatives scattered everywhere.   
When I think of your own suffering through all of this I pray for you to the Blessed Mother who watched her son in His agony...then this prayer comes to my mind.  It was written by one of the Monks of St. Meinrad Archabbey when he himself was suffering with cancer...I thought you might like to have it...since you have been living each step with Laura and surely bearing her pain....  

The Sufferer's Prayer  
As daily at the altar prays the priest
And elevates the host above his head
So offer I my body on this bed,
My frail and broken body, fever-burnt;
 In hours of pain this lesson have I learnt:
I join myself with Jesus on His cross
So nothing of my pain is ever lost.
This is my body, Christ, lift it on high;
Receive each muffled groan and every sigh,
For suffering borne helps me keep afresh
The likeness of Our Savior in my flesh.  
-Walter Sullivan, OSB  

Joanne, each time we hear of the slightest good report our hearts quicken and we whisper a prayer of thanks....God hears EVERY prayer and we will not stop. 
                                                Sincerely,                                                 I
rene Muhs, & Paul too  (Grandma & Grandpa)


Hi all,  tell Laura I want a ride in that car when she has her
license!!  What a wonderful gift.  I was happy to read that Laura is
responding to the new chemo and looking forward to the marrow
transplant.  I keep checking your site for news.  Keep your strength and
Love, Jackie


Joanne,   So good to hear some positive things are beginning!  This must be encouraging to Laura and helping her to endure some of those nasty side-effects.   Thanks for keeping us updated. Stay strong and know that we are still praying.   Love, Laurie

Joanne:  WOW!!!!!  I am sure I speak for everyone when I say I am holding my breath, counting those blessings upon you, and eagerly anticipating the good news ahead.  How amazing Laura is as well as her body!  In spite of what she has to endure for the cure, she just keeps on going full steam ahead.  Again, she is an inspiration to us all.  I wish I saw the look on her face when she saw her dream car awaiting her.  I am sure Uncle Jimmy will be including those wonderful, one on one lessons with him in the passenger seat as well!  What's next?  Will he be teaching Laura how to fly?  (Let's don't give her any ideas yet) I can only imagine!  Joanne, please give kisses and hugs (even if it is across the room) to both Laura and Joelle and let them know we love them and miss them both.  We wish you all much hope, faith and peace in the days ahead  Love, Donna  xxxooo


Dear Joanne,
      Wow!  What fun Laura has a car!  You better be nice to her so she'll take you for a drive!   Great news about the "blasts!" The prayers will keep coming and we hope the side-effects will subside very soon.  Hope you get the CD I sent you yesterday (via your office mail).  Thank you so much for keeping us posted on Laura's progress.  I think of her constantly and try to pray as often. 
                                                                         Mary B.


Oh I am so happy for you guys.  It keeps getting better and better. Small victories, move ahead.  And the car wow.  How excited laura must have been.  What a great gift?  Can Jim be my uncle too?  Or would he like to adopt three other little neices?  We love ya, jenn

My dearest friend,

I am so glad to hear that Laura's body is responding to the new chemo. Give her all my love and tell her I still owe her a purple nail polish party.
I am sending you this prayer to share with Laura that was sent to me from a special friend, I hope it brings you comfort.

"Dear and blessed Lady of Lourdes, you bathe all in your radiant light, and soothe the suffering with healing waters of the spring you revealed to St. Bernadette.
Though I am far from your sacred grotto, look with compassion upon me.
See my need for your healing love.
See how my body fails me.
See how troubled is my soul.
I ask you humbly not only for healing, Mother Immaculate, but to wash away my doubts and misgivings to solidify my faith, to open my heart to your healing love, and the love of you Son, thus to see that this suffering, which now seems overwhelming, may soon be healed. "   Amen

Take good care of yourself Joanne, Laura and Joelle need all your strenght.



Dear Joanne,
Just a note to send you lots of hugs, kisses and prayers.  We pray for Laura everyday.  Thanks so much for updating the webpage.  It helps so much to hear how you and Laura and Joelle are doing (germ free communication).  Please let me know if there is anything I can do.  
Marsha K.

Hi Joanne,
Great news about Laura's counts overall - we are all praying so hard for her. It's wonderful for all of us that you take the time to write in your journal for us to read about her updates. Thank you. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every minute of the day. Love to both of you.

Hi Joanne!

We're thinking of you and hope things are looking up for Laura. I am praying for your continued strength and faith in God and add our prayers for good news.  We love you all and hope to see you soon.

Love,  Jacci   xoxoxoxo


Wow!!  God is good...All the time!  We will continue storming the heavens with prayer!   I have a CD I will get to you and Laura...Martin Doman (Praying Twice)...it is prayerful and beautiful and we think he's cool!  When Laura is well she can meet him at the Steubenville East Youth Conference in Massachusetts next summer!
                                        With love, prayers and new hope,
                                                               Mary and Ken


I am praying for you all every day.  The Avon Volunteer Fire Department is
sponsoring a blood drive on Sept. 14, in honor of the Sept. 11 tragedy.  We
would like to recognize some of our own heroes.  I hope Laura is up to being
honored that day (maybe not in person but in spirit) as she is definitely an
Avon hero.

CarolAnn Baldwin
Community Education Specialist
New England Marrow Donor Program
209 Farmington Ave.
Farmington, CT 06032


Each day brings ups and downs.  I am glad that things appear to be going in the right direction.  The prayers continue for such a fighting family.  Laura's determination and your support are amazing.  Good things come.  Here's hoping soon they are knocking at Laura's door.  Please take care of yourself and give her a big sterile hug from me.  Peace and love, the crazy tutor
Dear Joanne,   Sunday evening, late I felt a need to check on all of you via Laura's Web Site and was saddened by all that the three of you have had to go through over these last weeks.  Today I am so happy to read that Laura is responding to this round of chemo and that her "spirit" is strong.  Please know that we are all praying for Laura and you and Joelle and so are the members of the St Joseph's Prayer Circle in Chathan, Illinois.  Much love to all you! Linda McKenna


Joanne: I was away a few days unexpectedly and came back late tonight only to read your very hopeful journal entry with Alexa.  Let us all visualize Laura's' body fighting this disease and WINNING.  I saw a shooting star this evening, the first in many years.  Possibly an omen for a wish to come true?  God bless you and keep you all.  May He continue to give you strength, hope and guidance, Joanne.  Much love, Donna xxx ooo


Thinking of you - sending prayers and love to you all!!!

But the other thing is, Joanne,  is that Laura is a beautiful young woman.....I know this is a struggle......but she will come out on top!  I think of you all and pray for you often.....Lil

Dear Joanne:

I am glad to hear that this chemo seems to be moving things in the right direction!  I'll be praying for Laura and for your family.  Your strength always amazes me.      
Lots of love and good wishes, 
 Anne D.

Hi Joanne,

Laura's strength and determination continue to be inspirational.  You have many people who love you and continue to pray for you all.  Hope and pray that your strength continues.  My love to all. 

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